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Nipples, jellyfish & bellybuttons: a week with my family.

I’m officially back from vacation! I must say that between terrorizing my younger cousins and being terrorized by my cousins I’m ready for another vacation.

I’ll just highlight a few things about the trip. Let’s see, shall we do a list? Let’s do.

  • My cousin got third degree burns on his nipple. Apparently if you put salt & ice together, it burns your skin off?
  • That same cousin got stung by a jelly fish & I taught him how to pee on his sting.
  • J-Bird woke me up at 6 am to go bike riding on the island we were staying on.
  • My mom danced in front of God and everyone in a beachwear store. I’m pretty sure they considered kicking us out.
  • My brother’s girlfriend talked me into trying on ridiculous bathing suits while my mom danced.
  • A different cousin went off to get her bellybutton pierced. She’s only 15.
  • That same cousin spilled Cheeze-Itz all over my bedroom floor, so we had little orange crumbs everywhere like the entire week.
  • We visited the local aquarium. I petted a bamboo shark. I also yelled at a small Asian man in the cafe for not giving me a free refill on my drink.
  • During the family photo shoot, I fell off a stool & still have the bruise to show for it.
  • My mom & I purchased matching sweatshirts.
  • I called 911 on two guys that hit my mom’s car with fireworks on the 4th of July.

So there it is. My vacation, which I know is a stretch in the meaning of the word, in a nutshell. I go back to work today. Back to life. Back to reality.


I dipped my big toe in summer today.

It was 95 degrees as I drove home from work this evening. 95 degrees. In case you didn’t read that properly the first time. Summer is upon us here in North Carolina. I love summer.

In fact, I went wild today & didn’t even wear tights to work. Whoa, slow down, I know, wild woman. I don’t have any sort of tan on my legs. Actually, I won’t ever have a tan. I’m naturally pale, but I hear that’s in this year.

Also, I went ahead & got my summer duffel bag out of the top of my closet yesterday (it has all my summer dresses & bathing suits in it). When I unzipped that sucker, the most wonderful aroma hit my nostrils! The aroma of summer! I swear, I sat there for like an hour sniffing my duffel bag. I tried to get J-Bird to do it too, but he doesn’t cave on the peer pressure very easily so he missed out on the smell of summer. Ah, his loss.

Time to break out the sandals, flip flops & cute toe-nail polish.

Also time to let my hair grow out long enough to put in a ponytail because North Carolina summers are brutal & humid & my hair will be an afro 5 minutes of being outside. Minor drawback.

Have a good rest of the week, guys. Stay cool if you live in the south.