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Vacation Part 2: the tropical depression, which is the story of my life.

We did end up going to the beach if you’ve read part 1 of the Vacation log. Upon arriving at the beach front we realized it would be $2 per hour to park there, so we began scraping together change for the parking meter. This shouldn’t have been that hard of a task since I’d just robbed the Indian man, but my purse eats things, so as I sat there & dug around another car pulled up to the meter beside us.

A young woman stepped out of the car & began putting change in (apparently) what she thought was her meter. It was actually ours. Now, since they were clearly labeled, we considered this her fault & this happens to be our second robbery of that day. We didn’t pay her meter, we just simply walked away. I know, I’ve had some bad karma, believe me.

After walking along the beach for a while, we began to wonder along the streets of houses. Cute little houses. Snapping pictures. Laughing. Joking. Until J-Bird (I kid you not) almost gets knocked right in the head with a dead baby bird falling from the sky. We still do not know where the damn thing fell from or what happened exactly, but smack. Right there on the pavement, J-Bird having a panic attack & all.

We decided after that it was time to head back to the hotel room. Which is where we stayed until Thursday morning because of the tropical depression that dumped tons of rain on us Wednesday. We were under flood warnings, tornado watches & severe t-storm something or others all day.

We rounded the trip off with a beach day on Thursday, where I got to wear my new bathing suit & we didn’t even get a sunburn! Yay!

I’m pretty sure we need a vacation after that vacation. Actually, I might just opt out of vacations from now until the end of time.


I’m giving the universe the stink eye right now.

I suppose we all have them. Bad days, I mean. Today has been one of those days. I could kind of feel it as I got out of bed this morning, that feeling that I tried to shake as I showered & got ready, but it never quite went away.

The rain & clouds doesn’t help, either.

Nor does this yucky Amendment 1 politics talk here in North Carolina.

It all left a bad taste in my mouth this morning. Oh, no, wait. That was just my new mouthwash. Nevermind then.

Things were nuts over at the dress shop, as usual. I had rude people running out my ears. Not literally or my day would have been a lot worse, I imagine. Actually, I ended up getting sent home early because I got really stressed out because this lady wouldn’t stop yelling at me on the phone & I had to leave the sales floor. I broke the number one rule: I lost my cool. I stopped smiling.

I suppose we all have our breaking point, though.

I’m trying not to let that bother me, though. We’re having soup for dindins (perfect for a rainy day) & I just sang along to the JGWentworth commercial, which is always a joy.

I’ve decided to start the week over tomorrow…


I dipped my big toe in summer today.

It was 95 degrees as I drove home from work this evening. 95 degrees. In case you didn’t read that properly the first time. Summer is upon us here in North Carolina. I love summer.

In fact, I went wild today & didn’t even wear tights to work. Whoa, slow down, I know, wild woman. I don’t have any sort of tan on my legs. Actually, I won’t ever have a tan. I’m naturally pale, but I hear that’s in this year.

Also, I went ahead & got my summer duffel bag out of the top of my closet yesterday (it has all my summer dresses & bathing suits in it). When I unzipped that sucker, the most wonderful aroma hit my nostrils! The aroma of summer! I swear, I sat there for like an hour sniffing my duffel bag. I tried to get J-Bird to do it too, but he doesn’t cave on the peer pressure very easily so he missed out on the smell of summer. Ah, his loss.

Time to break out the sandals, flip flops & cute toe-nail polish.

Also time to let my hair grow out long enough to put in a ponytail because North Carolina summers are brutal & humid & my hair will be an afro 5 minutes of being outside. Minor drawback.

Have a good rest of the week, guys. Stay cool if you live in the south.


The flowers are confused. Polar bears are dying. Welcome to global warming.

If you’ve dropped by my handy “about me” section (and actually read it, oh you haven’t? shame on you!), then you’ve seen that I’m interested in photography. Yea I guess I consider myself a photographer of sorts, I mean I worked at a photography studio for 6 months & I’ve photographed a wedding, but its more like a side hobby. I don’t claim to be terrific at it, but I love it.

Around here (here being North Carolina), we’ve had a mild winter. Actually, I don’t even think you can call it winter. I mean, it only barely reaches below freezing in the dead of night & I haven’t had to scrape frost off my car not once. Actually, most days, the high is in the 50s or 60s. On Wednesday (which, in case you do not have a calendar handy, let me help you out, that’s Feb. 1st.), the high here is 72 degrees. Seriously? Alright. Its Spring. I called it. The birds are a chirping, the flowers a blooming & there are bees already out. Thank you global warming. You have officially killed Winter, you murderer. Anyway, I don’t know where all my readers live so I figured you guys needed pics for proof. You’re welcome.