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I just found out how P. Diddy feels in the morning.

Oddly enough, he feels not as hungover as you’d expect and actually pretty good. He also finds glitter in places glitter shouldn’t be. You’re probably wondering how I know how P. Diddy feels in the morning…well, I attended a Ke$ha concert with J-Bird.

It’s actually been one of my long running dreams to see Ke$ha in concert for a while now, so I’m pumped that I got the opportunity to rock out with her. My favorite part of the concert may not have been the music, though. No, I’m not one of those people walking around claiming Ke$ha doesn’t have talent or whatever, I just enjoyed seeing everyone’s outfits. Tutus, glitter, drag queens, fish nets, more glitter, bunny ears, and flower halos. Fantastically wonderful. I actually made my own temporary glitter tattoos to wear and wish I could dress that way every day (my job would not allow for this).

Anyway, we partied hard, there was glitter covering everything (even the walk back to the car afterwards…which was 3 blocks away), Ke$ha is awesome and I love her.

Also, glitter is the new black.


My hair will smell of weed, sweat & beer for the next week.

That’s just what rap concerts do to you. In a roundabout random turn of events, I (the most unlikely suspect) ended up at a rap concert tonight. Somehow, an old college buddy of mine had gotten free tickets from work & invited me to tag along.

I prepared myself after work this afternoon by trying to make myself look cool. You know? I figured that’s what I should do for a rap concert. Leggings, a tunic & a belt. Gladiator sandals. Purple glitter nail polish. Big purple earrings. From that description, you’d think I was going to an 80’s party, but I swear, I looked mildly alright.

Admittedly, I was a little afraid I’d be the only white person there. Not that I have a problem with that, but it may have been a little awkward. I wasn’t, but I was the only white person in our little group that went together. I’m happy to report we joked around about it & I made a few new friends tonight, which is always terrific!

I also have to admit that I didn’t really know any of the rappers performing. They were: 2 Chains, J. Cole & Drake. Now, I’ve heard of Drake (who hasn’t?), but I still didn’t really know any of his songs, but I still danced like I did & had a really good time. Surprisingly, I think J. Cole was my favorite of the three.

Bottom line? I had a blast dancing the night away & I would definitely do it again.


Midget shotgunner on the stairs!

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the title, I, of course, am referring to playing video games with J-Bird. I yelled this at him this morning while we were playing my favorite video game, Borderlands. I’m a super big spaz when I play video games. Especially ones where I’m expected to shoot things. I scream, wiggle & die a lot. Needless to say, I’m terrible at them. But, J-Bird still likes playing with me.

I made the comment that I should learn to use the PS3 on my own (I mean, duh, I am computer smart. I own a Mac.) so that I could play when I have friends over. I don’t usually use any electronics or the stove if J-Bird isn’t home. I’m too clumzy & I tend to panic too easily. You realize only 2 people can play at a time? J-Bird responded rationally. I nodded. I only have one friend, so that’s ok.

The one friend thing is only sort of true. I do have trouble making friends as an adult, so most of the “friends” I have as of right now are people I work with & I would only consider them acquaintances. My best friend is Bernard whom I met in college (I think my sophomore year) in biology class. Outside of J-Bird, he’s the friend I talk to the most. Unfortunately, he also lives 2 hours away, so the most hanging out we can do is on Skype, so I still need a good video game buddy that won’t make fun of me when I’m shooting at a rock because I think its trying to attack me.

Maybe I should just stick to board games.


Let’s do a little time travel on here today, eh?

My obsession with Titanic started maybe 15 years ago when I was just a wee little one. I don’t remember quite how I first found out about it, probably in a book or by my mom going Yea there was some big ship that sank & lots of people died a long time ago. Anyway, I was forever intrigued. I saw the movie as soon as it came out (yea, yea, I know) & not even for the love story. Just for THE story.

As many of you probably know, today marks the 100th anniversary of Titanic hitting the iceberg. April 14, 1912 at approx. 11:40 pm (according to Wiki, guys) is when it all started. Or I suppose some say it started way before that. That’s not for me to debate here, now. At just 2:20 am on April 15, 1912 the Titanic was sinking deep into the ocean, but not soon to be forgotten.

I guess I’m so fascinated by the whole thing because I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the events that transpired that evening. I’m terrified of going under water so I can’t imagine how it’d feel to be on a sinking ship (I’d only assume I’d be part of 3rd class, the people who didn’t even have a chance). 1,517 people died that night (also from Wiki, see link above). I can’t imagine what it’d feel like to freeze to death in water at 28 °F. Seriously?! I freak out if the temperature outside is colder than 55 °F.

There’s also been a lot of interest stirred since the ship sank. Expeditions leading to photos/videos of the sunken ship. Controversy over how exactly the ship sunk & whether or not artifacts should be removed have all kept Titanic alive & in the news for the past 100 years. I don’t foresee that Titanic will be going anywhere anytime soon, either. I think people will continue with their interest in the unsinkable ship & need to know more information about it with each new controversy/conspiracy that comes to light.

Anyway, I’ve been to Titanic museums, read books, seen documentaries, written papers & done art projects on Titanic. I can’t help it. I can’t get enough. If you, too, want to continue reading, here are some links:

RMS Titanic

Buy Me a Present Here

Retrieval of Artifacts: To do or not to do?

If you want something to watch on TV tomorrow night, check out the History Channel, they have a special coming on called Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved (8 pm eastern time).

Have a good weekend!


I feel so close to double vision in the saltwater room.

All too often I get asked what kind of music I listen to. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I’m just mysterious & people can’t figure me out or if I’m hard to talk to so people are just trying to make small talk. Either way, I like music. All kinds. ridiculous stuff. Stuff that I sing loud & proud in my car. Guilty pleasures that no one else knows I listen to.

Today I break free. I spill all. I’m compiling a list. I’m not breaking them up into groups or anything, they’re just all going in there, my all time favorites, my guilty pleasures, & my current favorites (that are bound to get old by next week). In no specific order:

  • Feel So Close-Calvin Harris
  • Double Vision-3OH!3
  • The Saltwater Room-Owl City
  • Turn Me On-Nicki Minaj
  • Ah Mary-Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
  • Sexy & I Know It-LMFAO
  • Enchanted-Taylor Swift
  • Here in Your Arms-HelloGoodBye
  • Old Pine-Ben Howard
  • Starships-Nicki Minaj
  • Here Comes the Sun-The Beatles
  • Take Care-Drake ft. Rhianna
  • Follow Me Down-3OH!3
  • Sparks Fly-Taylor Swift
  • God is a DJ-Pink
  • I Love You Always Forever-Donna Lewis
  • Here it Goes Again-OkGo
  • Short Skirt Long Jacket-Cake
  • Love Shack-The B-52’s
  • Stronger-Kelly Clarkson
  • Love You ‘Till The End-The Pogues
  • How I Became The Sea-Owl City
  • Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO
  • Keep Your Head Up-Ben Howard
  • Alligator Sky-Owl City
  • You’re So Vain-Carly Simon
  • Born This Way-Lady Gaga
  • Brick by Boring Brick-Paramore
  • Dirty Laundry-Bittersweet
  • Straight up-Paula Abdul
  • Show Me What I’m Looking For-Carolina Liar
  • In Da Club-50 Cent
  • Hold it Against Me-Britney Spears
  • Don’t Upset the Rhythm-The Noisettes
  • I’m Not Coming to Your Party-3OH!3
  • Kamikaze-Owl City
  • Whoa Is Me-Down With Webster
  • Light Outside-Wakey!Wakey!
  • We R Who We R-Ke$ha
  • Glad You Came-The Wanted
  • Today Was a Fairytale-Taylor Swift
  • Basic Space-The XX
  • Keep Your Head Up-Ben Howard
  • C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips-OkGo
  • Marry Me-Train
  • Blah Blah Blah-Ke$ha

Alright, I know I’ve forgotten some, but there’s a few. Yea, a few. Tell me: What on here do you also listen to? What do you hate? What should I be listening to that’s not even on my list?


Today is 3/03…which IS special, trust me.

In honor of today being March 3rd, I’m doing a post about one of my all time favorite bands, 3OH!3. See? Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

I got hooked on 3OH!3 a few years ago by my younger brother & there’s been no turning back since. I love their music (it kind of just makes you want to dance all the time), the lyrics & about a year and a half ago I actually got the pleasure of meeting the 2 guys that make up the band. Both Nat & Sean were super friendly, taking pics with out group & signing autographs for us (even taking the time to talk to us for a few minutes!).

Based out of Boulder, CO (actually how they got their name, 303 is the area code), they mix quirky rap-like lyrics with electronica music for blast-worth music. Don’t belive me? Check out their website here. Or download they’re latest CD, Streets of Gold on ITunes.

And now, my favsies music video: Double Vision.

Happy 3OH!3 day!


The apocalypse is about to happen…

Because Snooki is preggers, in case you haven’t heard. Yea, that’s our future right there. A mini-Snooki running around. Tanning by the age of 6 months. Getting nails did by the ripe old age of 9 months. Hair extensions by 11 months. Wrinkles by 15 months. They do grow up sooo fast.

So, I think that when she has a baby, the world will end. That’s my theory. Screw the Mayans. So the rumor is she’s what? 4 months preggers? That gives us 5 months to prepare for the end of the world.

Get ready.


Haters gonna hate.

I may lose a few of you over saying this, but I’m gonna go there. Why? Because that’s what I do. I give my opinion. Even when it goes against everything everyone else believes in. You ready for this wild woman statement? Let’s hope so.

I hate Adele. Yes, as in Adele, the freaking british singer.

I hate her music. I guess her voice is ok, I mean, I can’t sing that great so whatevs. But I don’t like any of her songs. At this point, I don’t even care what they’re about, I just don’t like them. The rhythm, her voice…everything just simply sucks for me.

The radio over plays them like crazy. 3 of my favorite radio stations were all playing her songs at the same time the other day (just not all the same song). It’s all a bit much, don’t you think?

There’s also rumors floating around that she’s going to take 5 years off to focus on her personal life…hello? She’s not famous enough to do that. She’d be ending her career. But what do I care? I don’t even like her so go right ahead & step down at the height of your success, dummy.

The only thing I can’t complain about is the way she looks. She is quite pretty & I have nothing to say against the way the looks.

Until next time…


A list of love movies that make me ugly cry.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not big on Valentines day. Not in that, I shrink in size, but in that, I hate it. I could go on & on about why I hate it or how it started or why I think it’s too corporate or this or that, but I don’t really care. I just don’t like it. We don’t celebrate it & I don’t care if that offends you or if you think I’m being cliché. The one good thing about V-day is all the cheesy love movies come on TV & I sit up late watching them with a box of tissues trying not to ugly cry. Actually, that doesn’t sound good at all. But, that leads to today’s blog post (which is a good thing)-a list! Yay! Of my all time favorite love movies. The ones most likely to make me ugly cry. Only when I’m alone though.

1. The Notebook. You knew this one would be on here the very moment you started reading. It is the love movie. Need I say more?

2. Titanic. I figured I’d just hit you with the cheeseballs right off the bat. Titanic is cheesy. The movie, I mean. I know, you know it, we all know it. Yet, I still love to watch it.

3. The Time Traveler’s Wife. Admittedly, I’ve only seen this one once. But I liked it. I’ve read the book a million times though & its soooo good.

4. PS I Love You. I love the soundtrack to the movie. I love the hot men in this movie. I want to go to Ireland. Also, out of all the movies on my list, this one makes me ugly cry at least 5 to 10 times during it.

5. A Walk to Remember. Probably my least favorite on my list, but it made my list because it is a really sweet story & Mandy Moore was still pretty.

6. Elizabethtown. A little bit of an unconvitional love story, but lovely. Beautifully told & it made me want to be cremated when I die.

So, there they are. My favsies. What are your favorite cheesy love movies?

Also, happy or crappy V-day. Whichever you prefer.

BrennaG ❤

This is quickly becoming my new favorite TV show…

There’s only been 3 episodes of I Just Want My Pants Back, but I’m in love. If you’ve missed it so far, you can view the episodes online here. So far, the show has proved to be witty & laugh-out-loud funny. We’ll see where the show goes from here.

As of right now, though, the guy that runs the convenient store is my favsies character. I think he’s hilarious.