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It’s been 13,148,719 seconds since I stopped caring.

Well my math may be off. It usually is. Essentially, that’s when everything in my life changed…for the better, that is. I walked out on my job at the dress shop as a manager because they were being bitchy and I took a leap of faith to figure out who I really was.

Not that I know who I am now, I’m just…closer than I was 13,148,800 seconds ago.

I started my semi-dream job as a graphic designer. And well, that’s what I DO. I make art. Of the design kind, but also of other kinds, which I hadn’t done in awhile. Finally after all this time, I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

So, why do I say I stop caring? You don’t understand. Dress shop=stuffy corporate-pencil skirt-no creativity-too nice to everyone-high heels-dirty backstabbing bitch world. I don’t care about any of that any more. I’ve found sweet freedom.


As always,

Brenna G.

I got distracted by the creepy basement & the bean dip.

I was supposed to come straight home after work today to start laundry. Its overflowing. Both lights & darks. J-Bird & I have this graphic design event to go to tomorrow evening & we both need to look semi-decent, so laundry needed to be done.

However, when I finally managed to make it through traffic & get through the front door, I was exhausted, but had my mind set on doing laundry. I also have a confession. I never do laundry alone because I’m terrified to go down to our basement alone. That’s where the washer & dryer are: the basement. It’s creepy, dark, smells musty & there’s always camel crickets (google them) down there. I…picked up the laundry, then…froze up.

I then heard a buzzing sound coming from the attic. Dammit. The bees are back. Did they ever really go away? I don’t know. I figured I’d better not hang out near the attic too much longer. Better head back downstairs.

Upon walking into the living room I spotted the bean dip. Yes. Just what I need. An afternoon snack. With the Tostitos chips with the hint of lime. I hope J-Bird doesn’t make me sleep on the couch since I polished off the bean dip.

And never even got the laundry started. Whatever. I get distracted easily.