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I’m an infamous negotiator, seriously, take me to the flea market.

I had my quarterly review at the print shop I now work for this past week. I went in thinking, I can either ask for a pay raise or not because it’s too soon, either way, I’ll see how the meeting goes and wing it. Toward the end of the meeting my boss, whom I lovingly refer to as Crazy Pants, said I’d get a bonus on my next paycheck. Great! Was this the lead in for asking for a raise? Or him shooing me away so I didn’t ask for one?

Since I wasn’t sure, I negotiated. You see, we have these polo shirts that are the only part of a dress code of any kind that we have…but I want more colors because I felt that my first batch was a set of boring colors. And I can be a bit of a fashionista. So…I said “Crazy Pants, thank you for the bonus, but I need a little more, so you can either give me $1 raise or order me 5 more shirts.”

The shirts won. I left happy, my husband, J-Bird, not so happy with my “negotiation skills” or lack thereof.



A Mashup of my week.

Its been an insanely busy week. You may have guessed this by my lack of presence here with you. Let me give you the run down!

Sunday- Yard work galore! I told you guys about the electric lawn mower & I highly suggest you DO NOT BUY ONE. Ever. It took us 3 hours to mow our tiny barren yard. We actually did have to go back with scissors and physically cut what the lawn mower missed or couldn’t get to (which I had joked about in an earlier post…totally not funny.) On the bright side, we made a trip to Lowe’s & I got some new little cacti to add to my growing collection of house plants. By the way, I do name all of my house plants, so let me give you the roll call: there’s Perle (a Perle Von Nurnberg plant), Perle Jr., Mimi (also a Perle Von Nurnberg), Lola (Aloe), Bertha (Christmas cactus), Gary & Thurston (both Gary & Thurston are my newest cacti, I’ll get you guys some pics soon). Stop judging me. Right now.

Monday- I honestly have no idea what Monday consisted of. Work & Mondayness I’m assuming.

Tuesday- Our best friends from a few cities over, Haley & Justin (whom I’ve posted about before) came into town to stay with us for a few days. Now, we love Haley & Justin because we can hang out as a couple & they’re hilarious. Plus, we like mostly all the same things. Its terrific. We took them out to our favorite restaurant (of course) & had a blast. Then we played Apples to Apples where I clearly remember winning (some other people in our group may remember it happening another way though).

Wednesday- We went to the Museum of Natural Sciences. Saw all sorts of cool things. Ran around like little kids. I lost my dollar sunglasses and whined the entire day. We saw a 3D movie about Dinosaurs that J-Bird & Justin went craycray over. I thought they were going to get us kicked out for trying to steal the nerdy glasses they give you.

Thursday- J-Bird & I had to head back to work. I had a busy day at the dress shop as there was a huge manager’s meeting in our store, but we got to see Haley & Justin briefly before they headed back home that evening.

I’ve worked the past 2 days…sooo you see? Busy week! I’ve been pooped. Nonetheless, I hope your week has been as eventful as mine!!


I don’t need an interview unless its for professional time waster. Or creeper.

So, today was an interesting day. Well, that’s not really surprising living in my shoes, but nonetheless, strange. I drove a couple of towns over for an interview to be an intern at a photography studio.

I think the interview went well. I always do freakishly well at interviews, which is bizarre because I typically just wing it. I’m going to turn them down if I get offered the internship, though. It sounds too officy for me & like I wouldn’t learn jack shit. Figures.

I was already pretty close to the dress shop so I didn’t want to waste the gas to drive all the way back home, but I had 4 hours to kill before I had to be at work. Yea, you read that right, 4 whopping hours. I didn’t have a clue what the hell I was going to do.

I ended up at a pretty big mall, then went to a movie theater. I realized I’d never seen a movie by myself. Eh. Time to try that out today. Even though I’m not a big Zac Efron fan, I went to see The Lucky One, which actually turned out to be pretty alright. There were only 3 other creepers in the theater: a chick in daisy dukes, an Asian lady that wouldn’t stop crying & a huge bald guy. I was by far the most normal looking one there, even in my nice business attire.

I then took a slow, long walk to the mall food court to stuff my face. Whatever. I had time to kill. I wondered around for a while to take samples from all the Asian restaurants even though I had no intention of eating at any of them. Hey, now, I know you guys do that too. It doesn’t make me a bad person.

After lunch, I lurked around Nordstrom to steal their wi-fi (why the hell does a department store need wi-fi?!).

Then, due to my lack of sense of direction, I couldn’t find a bathroom, so I drove to the dress shop to use theirs. Oh well, they already know I’m craycray. They spend most days with me.


I’m giving the universe the stink eye right now.

I suppose we all have them. Bad days, I mean. Today has been one of those days. I could kind of feel it as I got out of bed this morning, that feeling that I tried to shake as I showered & got ready, but it never quite went away.

The rain & clouds doesn’t help, either.

Nor does this yucky Amendment 1 politics talk here in North Carolina.

It all left a bad taste in my mouth this morning. Oh, no, wait. That was just my new mouthwash. Nevermind then.

Things were nuts over at the dress shop, as usual. I had rude people running out my ears. Not literally or my day would have been a lot worse, I imagine. Actually, I ended up getting sent home early because I got really stressed out because this lady wouldn’t stop yelling at me on the phone & I had to leave the sales floor. I broke the number one rule: I lost my cool. I stopped smiling.

I suppose we all have our breaking point, though.

I’m trying not to let that bother me, though. We’re having soup for dindins (perfect for a rainy day) & I just sang along to the JGWentworth commercial, which is always a joy.

I’ve decided to start the week over tomorrow…


This is the most legit way to pick a place to live.

Over the past week or so, J-Bird & I have started looking for a place to move to since a lot of college students are moving out of their apartments this time of year. Also, around this time of year, a lot of apartment complexes in this area are running specials since students don’t usually stay over the summer so they need to fill up with other people. We’re wanting to move out of the Amityville house because of how many problems we’ve had & we hate our roommate.

Anyway, J-Bird doesn’t know it yet because he’s at work today, but we’re going to see an apartment this evening. I’m super excited about this particular place, but the original reason I chose it was because it was apartment 303.

Yea. Like after my favorite band. Because apparently, I think that’s a totally legit way to pick a place to call home.

Happy Monday.


Tenacious D, the frog of destiny

Friday night as I was locking up the dress shop I noticed 2 beady eyes staring up at me, so I screamed (duh). Turned out, those beady eyes weren’t a flesh-eating vampire bug, but instead, a green tree frog. Heading back inside, I shouted to the girls that were closing with me Who wants to catch a frog for my husband?

I work with all women. Girly-girl women. So I figured the response would be screams & giggles, but much to my surprise, 10 seconds later we had a shoebox with holes punched in it & gloves & we were catching ourselves a frog. Screams & giggles were now in order as the frog jumped onto the glass door. We caught him! Oh…nope, back on the door. We were all running around trying to get the darn thing in the box. 15 minutes, 4 employees, 1 customer later we had the frog & I was on the phone with J-Bird telling him I had a surprise for him.

I brought him home to an excited J-Bird, but ultimately, we decided not to keep Tenacious D. We decided he belonged in the wild with his other totally rad frog friends. I (of course) snapped a photo before we set him loose.


I got distracted by the creepy basement & the bean dip.

I was supposed to come straight home after work today to start laundry. Its overflowing. Both lights & darks. J-Bird & I have this graphic design event to go to tomorrow evening & we both need to look semi-decent, so laundry needed to be done.

However, when I finally managed to make it through traffic & get through the front door, I was exhausted, but had my mind set on doing laundry. I also have a confession. I never do laundry alone because I’m terrified to go down to our basement alone. That’s where the washer & dryer are: the basement. It’s creepy, dark, smells musty & there’s always camel crickets (google them) down there. I…picked up the laundry, then…froze up.

I then heard a buzzing sound coming from the attic. Dammit. The bees are back. Did they ever really go away? I don’t know. I figured I’d better not hang out near the attic too much longer. Better head back downstairs.

Upon walking into the living room I spotted the bean dip. Yes. Just what I need. An afternoon snack. With the Tostitos chips with the hint of lime. I hope J-Bird doesn’t make me sleep on the couch since I polished off the bean dip.

And never even got the laundry started. Whatever. I get distracted easily.


It was one of those days where I said things like “flask my bobble”.

Actually, it was one of those weekends. This was the longest weekend ever. Mostly because of work. You see, I only work part-time at the dress shop, but I got in a lot of hours over the weekend. Which, I’m happy about, but I’d forgotten what it was like to work like a normal human being. Now I am tiiiiirrreed. Our store was insanely busy & people can be insanely rude. It can also just be difficult to keep your mood up when dealing with said customers.

Yesterday, I worked 8.5 hours & came home to crash out for a really long time. When I awoke, I felt like I’d been drinking for a really long time & I didn’t entirely know where I was. Today, I accidentally stayed an hour over my shift at work without realizing it until I arrived home.

I’m rounding out the weekend with a Sunday night marathon of Storage Wars when my mom calls to tell me she’s coming over tomorrow for a surprise visit. See, my mom lives 3 hours away & just got a new car last week. She’s super pumped to show me her car & we haven’t seen each other since Christmas, so it looks like instead of taking the day off tomorrow, I’m hanging with the mom. Also, giving her directions, a total nightmare. Well, after all the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I AM the worst with directions, well maybe just a close second to her.

Also, I’ve had too many cookies & brownies today. I’d tell you how many, but I’m a little embarrassed. At least I managed to squeeze a real meal in there of pasta. So ha.


I realized as I walked down the sidewalk, I was not driving my car.

My day has been unglamorous. It all started late last night with the rash from hell that started appearing in random spots all over my body making it impossible for me to sleep. Red spots, itchy, scratch, bleed, cry, scab. Yes, that was my entire night routine. You see, when I do not get enough sleep, I’m prone to migraines, as my migraine meds do not have the chance to work properly.

That’s when things like today happen. When you think you hit rock bottom you realize you hit a boulder & rolled off only to fall further down. Alright, fine, you caught me, I’m being over dramatic. Maybe. I did have a rough day.

Work at the dress shop started out relatively normal, we were really busy for a Friday, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Then my least favorite manager entered. I can usually play it cool, have thick skin, whatever, but today, she yelled at me & I lost it. I went to find my other manager (technically the assistant) & burst out in tears in the break room. Something you should know about me? I am certainly not a crier. Especially not in front of people. Between sniffles I told her that I wasn’t quitting because that wasn’t the kind of person I was, but that I needed to go home.

Once I arrived home, I walked & walked all around our block to clear my mind. I really have to figure out where I’m going with my life. I then almost had a meltdown because I thought someone had taken my parking spot at my house to realize that it was MY car in my parking spot, as I was walking not driving.

Off to locate my mind & take an oatmeal bath to relieve the itching.


At approximately 6:32 pm today I hit rock bottom.

I hear the term “quarter life crisis” thrown around a lot. Up until about a month ago, I’d kinda laughed it off. Then it hit me, I’m 25, no real job, no job prospects, no money, no real dreams & I live with a roommate (& my husband). SHIT. Here it is. My very own quarter life crisis. No, I didn’t ask for it. Much like a mid-life crisis, I never wanted the frustration, anxiety, pity & overall crappiness that comes along with it. Nope, never thought it’d turn out this way.

In fact, had you asked me 2 years ago where I’d be right now, I’d have been like rollin’ in dough with a terrific graphic design job in a really effing tall building, surely living in some super awesome apartment with a snazzy furniture, 2 cats, a dog & a bunny. Yea, I know, dream big, right?

But, alas that’s not exactly where I ended up. The economy went in the crapper & I’ve been kinda floating since then. Stuck in limbo, if you will. Not sure where to go next. I continue my job hunt, sort-of, when my motivation allows. Otherwise, up until this fine evening I had been content with working at the dress shop. Tonight my manager yelled at me like usual, I went unappreciated, like usual & then I hit rock bottom. I didn’t quit or anything, just starting to realize I need to pull myself together to pursue other jobs. Maybe. If I can find the motivation.

I think a lot of people my age are experiencing this so-called quarter life crisis (QLC-yea, came up with that just there on the spot, whuttup). Much of anyone that’s had the pleasure of graduating anytime in the past 2ish years has probably gone through some form of the QLC. I just hope it doesn’t last much longer because I have tons of things I need to get done before my mid-life crisis comes around.

J-Bird suggested I end this post with asswaffles. You’re welcome, honey.