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Maybe I’ll just throw the organic mustard at her.

Not one, but two. In certain cases two can be better than one. Eyes, ears, bathrooms, pant legs, shoes, earrings, scoops of ice cream. In this case, however two is not better than one.

Roommates. That’s what I’m referring to. Our two roommates moved in this past week. Alice & Mei. It’s been an interesting week.

I’m already so fed up I’m ready to move out. Like on the street if I have to. Which might be what’s going to need to happen. Let’s get a rundown of what all has happened so far to drive me to wanting to rip my hair out.

A little background info is in order. J-Bird & I live in one side of the house, the downstairs is mostly a sitting/living room area for us, then we have the upstairs portion of the house as well which includes our art room, bedroom & guest room. We share the kitchen & basement with the roommates. They live in the backside of the house.

First, Mei cleaned out the microwave. I don’t know why, but this really bothered me. Microwaves are supposed to be dirty. Duh. You explode your food in them. That’s just how it happens.

She also only eats organic food. Psh. Who can afford that? Organic mustard? What the hell is that?

Alice put her food in our cabinets in the kitchen even though there’s empty space right below those cabinets. I don’t like it when my food mingles with my roommate’s food. Not cool. She also put her pots & pans with ours. Again…we left cabinets empty specifically for her to use. Maybe she’s blind.

But here’s the icing on the cake. This evening I’m upstairs writing this blog post when J-Bird comes upstairs with his angry face on. She’s in our side of the house, he grumbled. Raised eyebrows I reply with, What do you mean? Like she crossed over? Like stepped to our side? He sighed. Yea, Alice came in, sat down on our couch with her cell phone, and said hello to me. Confused, I stared for a second before saying, What do we do? Do we kick her out? Let her stay? Make her pay our rent? He shrugged.

As of right now, she headed back to “her side”, but she left a book & cell phone on “our side”. Apparently she doesn’t know the difference though. Looks like there’s about to be a throw-down in the Amityville house this fine evening.



Yesterday I scored 2 burritos & took photographs.

Not of the burritos, that is. Sorry. Nonetheless I’d consider yesterday a success. I like burritos & I like photography.

Our resident garden that’s only like 3 blocks from the house is in full bloom & is absolutely beautiful. I could just go out there & spend an entire day I love it so much. I spent yesterday morning down there wondering around looking lost with burrito breath.

Here’s some of what I got:

I have a busy weekend planned of visiting a couple friends a few towns over & perhaps meeting up with my Mom for a visit, so I’ll see you guys on Monday. Happy weekending.


It was one of those days where I said things like “flask my bobble”.

Actually, it was one of those weekends. This was the longest weekend ever. Mostly because of work. You see, I only work part-time at the dress shop, but I got in a lot of hours over the weekend. Which, I’m happy about, but I’d forgotten what it was like to work like a normal human being. Now I am tiiiiirrreed. Our store was insanely busy & people can be insanely rude. It can also just be difficult to keep your mood up when dealing with said customers.

Yesterday, I worked 8.5 hours & came home to crash out for a really long time. When I awoke, I felt like I’d been drinking for a really long time & I didn’t entirely know where I was. Today, I accidentally stayed an hour over my shift at work without realizing it until I arrived home.

I’m rounding out the weekend with a Sunday night marathon of Storage Wars when my mom calls to tell me she’s coming over tomorrow for a surprise visit. See, my mom lives 3 hours away & just got a new car last week. She’s super pumped to show me her car & we haven’t seen each other since Christmas, so it looks like instead of taking the day off tomorrow, I’m hanging with the mom. Also, giving her directions, a total nightmare. Well, after all the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I AM the worst with directions, well maybe just a close second to her.

Also, I’ve had too many cookies & brownies today. I’d tell you how many, but I’m a little embarrassed. At least I managed to squeeze a real meal in there of pasta. So ha.


My parents think they’re awesome…(which could be argued)

Yesterday my dad drove 3 hours to see me just so we could hang out (he considered it my “birthday weekend”). With him he brought: Donna (the girlfriend), my grandmother, a giftcard & a cake. Not too shabby. It did turn into a crazy day. More on that in a few.

You see, my parents weren’t the parents that separated when I was 10, then had a crazy custody battle & whatnot. Nope. Not mine. They separated when I was 23. The problem? They acted like I was 10. Let me explain. They constanly try to outdo each other for my attention, one up each other on everything. They do this in the way they talk & what they physically get me for holidays & birthdays.

On my birthday, I recieved a card from Mom with 2 gift cards in it, each worth $25. I immediately called & thanked her. Her response? Well what did your father get you? That’s when I had to break the news to her. He’s actually coming to see me on Saturday. I don’t think we’re really doing much, ya know, just going out to eat & stuff. I could hear her breathing become more intense. WHAT? HE’S COMING TO SEE YOU? When did this get planned? Well, you know I don’t have the money to come see you this year or I would have come on your birthday. Saturday isn’t even your birthday. It’s always like this. I’m used to it by now.

Yesterday, as Dad arrived with the gang in tow, he handed me a gift card for $50 & my grandmother had baked the cake. I thanked them, then suggested we go eat. The problem is, I live in the city & Saturdays around here get kinda crazy, so as soon as we took off we realized that traffic was going to be terrible. The first place we tried, no parking. The second place? Dad’s GPS took us to a non-exsistent building. Then it almost drove us right through the Container Store (at which point I’m like, wait, they have a freaking store just for containers…is that true…? Maybe I should get out more.). We then ended up at the mall. We drove around for over an hour looking for parking. The mall is a masterpiece of mazes built of parking decks & too-tiny parking spots. Its a wonder people don’t die there daily. It was like WWIII up in that parking deck over some parking spots, I kid you not. I was trying not to look around too much for fear of seeing small children getting run over. The crazy part about where we live, too, is that its a mix of college students & the ederly so nobody can freaking drive.

We ended up at the food court eating cheeseburgers at Andy’s. They’ve got the best burgers & the cashiers were twins, I’m pretty sure. The only sucky part was that they were handing out balloons…oh yea, you guys don’t know yet. I’ll do a post. I have a fear of balloons. That’s all I’ll say for now. Hehehe. As we’re walking around the mall, my dad & I were talking & he actually used the phrase “for realsies” in a conversation. I do not know who taught him this phrase, but it was not I. Well, FINE. It could have been me. Then we had a 10 minute conversation about sparkly shoes…wait, did I miss something, dad?

Last night, Mom texted me, of course, to see how things had went with Dad. I told her only alright & he got me a gift card. She made me promise to call today with the specifics. She then ended the conversation with “HOLLA”. Do I even know these people anymore? I really have tainted them. Hey, I have a younger brother, it could also be him…

Until next time.