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Today is 3/03…which IS special, trust me.

In honor of today being March 3rd, I’m doing a post about one of my all time favorite bands, 3OH!3. See? Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

I got hooked on 3OH!3 a few years ago by my younger brother & there’s been no turning back since. I love their music (it kind of just makes you want to dance all the time), the lyrics & about a year and a half ago I actually got the pleasure of meeting the 2 guys that make up the band. Both Nat & Sean were super friendly, taking pics with out group & signing autographs for us (even taking the time to talk to us for a few minutes!).

Based out of Boulder, CO (actually how they got their name, 303 is the area code), they mix quirky rap-like lyrics with electronica music for blast-worth music. Don’t belive me? Check out their website here. Or download they’re latest CD, Streets of Gold on ITunes.

And now, my favsies music video: Double Vision.

Happy 3OH!3 day!



Trifecta of terrific

Totally obsessing over the new Britney/Ke$ha/Nicki remix. I love these three women, love their music (Britney & Ke$ha more than Nicki, I must admit, but I love Nicki’s look). As I’m sitting in the car with J-bird the other night, I was rocking out to this song, & I go, What could be better than a remix with Britney, Ke$ha AND Nicki?! to which J-bird responds dryly, Watching you sing to it.