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Midget shotgunner on the stairs!

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the title, I, of course, am referring to playing video games with J-Bird. I yelled this at him this morning while we were playing my favorite video game, Borderlands. I’m a super big spaz when I play video games. Especially ones where I’m expected to shoot things. I scream, wiggle & die a lot. Needless to say, I’m terrible at them. But, J-Bird still likes playing with me.

I made the comment that I should learn to use the PS3 on my own (I mean, duh, I am computer smart. I own a Mac.) so that I could play when I have friends over. I don’t usually use any electronics or the stove if J-Bird isn’t home. I’m too clumzy & I tend to panic too easily. You realize only 2 people can play at a time? J-Bird responded rationally. I nodded. I only have one friend, so that’s ok.

The one friend thing is only sort of true. I do have trouble making friends as an adult, so most of the “friends” I have as of right now are people I work with & I would only consider them acquaintances. My best friend is Bernard whom I met in college (I think my sophomore year) in biology class. Outside of J-Bird, he’s the friend I talk to the most. Unfortunately, he also lives 2 hours away, so the most hanging out we can do is on Skype, so I still need a good video game buddy that won’t make fun of me when I’m shooting at a rock because I think its trying to attack me.

Maybe I should just stick to board games.


Willie Wonka & the Mad Hatter

I woke up this morning with a crazy bad migraine. This weekend was long. By long, I mean bad. By bad I mean I laid on my new couch all weekend & watched movies & Long Island Medium & Leave it to Niecy. I applied to be a freaking pet sitter over the summer. I considered applying to be a nude model, but I don’t tan well & I don’t shave my legs on the reg.

We went to the grocery store yesterday trying to find foods that I like & that I will actually eat. You see, my migraine meds make it tough for me to have an appetite. So by the time we got to the check out, I looked like a pregnant woman. Not in that I was fat, but in my food choices because J-Bird basically just let me grab whatever looked good. Which ended up consisting of a jar of pineapple chunks, tons of yogurt, dried mango, frozen dinners & Gatorade. I’ve lost 20 pounds since August due to these meds & I really need to maintain the weight I’m currently at. Its tough & causes me a ton of anxiety. Which causes me migraines. Sigh.

When I drove J-Bird to work this morning wearing sweatpants, a tie-dye t-shirt, sweater shoes and my crush velvet blazer that makes me look like a cross between Willie Wonka & the Mad Hatter I decided it was time. Not only time to get my shit together, but time to see a therapist.

It’s a big step for someone who never admits she’s wrong. Alright, sometimes I admit I’m wrong, but I never admit to character flaws. I’m just flamboyant.

So, here’s to hoping this helps & to getting that pet sitter gig. Off to eat my pineapple chunks.


I’ve been awake since 3 am…whatever happens isn’t my fault.

I’m currently having my first bout of writer’s block. Its not even that I’m having an uninteresting week, either. I just really don’t know what I want to write about and I’m too tired to figure much else out. So I figured why pick a topic? I’ll just write a few minutes to let those of you that read know I haven’t forgotten that I do run a blog.

I’ve been awake since 3 am…whatever happens, whatever I say past this point, not my fault. Our yard has been taken over by caterpillars hanging from the trees…has this happened to anyone else? I don’t know if it’s just the area we live in or what’s going on, but I suppose I’d rather have a caterpillar infestation than a killer bee infestation, right? I mean, you have to choose your battles. Its kind of annoying when they land on your head. Or shoulder. And then you scream like a little girl.

In further news, I’ve become addicted to The Walking Dead. Best. TV. Show. Ever. But, please do tell me why I am always late to getting hooked on these things? Its like, everyone else likes something, then 6 months later (or 10 years later in the case of Harry Potter, hehe) I start liking it. Eh, better late than never I suppose. I haven’t caught on to the Hunger Games yet. Give me another year or so, I’ll catch up.

I saw 4 deer on the side of the road on the way home from work tonight. On the main highway. Just chillen there, eating some dindins. They did look mildly freaked out by all the cars, but then, perhaps they should have moved away from the road? Yea.

Good Night.


This is quickly becoming my new favorite TV show…

There’s only been 3 episodes of I Just Want My Pants Back, but I’m in love. If you’ve missed it so far, you can view the episodes online here. So far, the show has proved to be witty & laugh-out-loud funny. We’ll see where the show goes from here.

As of right now, though, the guy that runs the convenient store is my favsies character. I think he’s hilarious.



Television. Not what it used to be.

As you probably figured out in my first post, I really like stupid TV. For instance, Teen Mom 2? Totally addicting. I mean, what the heck? I don’t even like kids. But, somehow, I can’t stop watching those girls screw up more & more. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever seen that show 1000 Ways to Die, but it trips me out every single time. I go to bed wondering how I’m going to die that night. Right now, I’m watching Dance Moms & this shit is crazy! Much like Toddlers & Tiaras, its basically parents pressuring their children to do random crap they don’t want to do. There. Now you don’t even have to watch. You’re welcome.

Also, any crime show on TruTV. My husband, J-bird, hates those shows. All of them. He’s not your typical guy, though. You won’t find him yelling at sports, but instead, taking notes from HGTV on how to improve the design of the house. Or on the Food Network trying to find a new recipe.

So, what are your favorite TV shows that are ridiculous? Let me know!


I just want my pants back!

Welcome to my first post. Delicious Suspicious is going to be my dump spot for everything. So that’s all things weird that happen to me at work, things that I want, celeb gossip, photography stuff, stupid crap my husband does, & things that I want to complain about. I won’t use proper grammar, I’ll misspell everything & I’ll probably piss a few of you off. I don’t care. I hope that you find my posts vaguely entertaining, & if not, there’s a billion other blogs, go read another. I’ll try to post a few times a week, try to keep up with my soap opera-style life.

So, honestly, who else really can’t wait for I Just Want My Pants Back to come out on MTV? Seriously, I know I wasn’t the only one curled up in the fetal position crying when they took Skins off the air. That’s what this show reminds me of.

I Just Want My Pants Back

Over & Outtt.