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Willie Wonka & the Mad Hatter

I woke up this morning with a crazy bad migraine. This weekend was long. By long, I mean bad. By bad I mean I laid on my new couch all weekend & watched movies & Long Island Medium & Leave it to Niecy. I applied to be a freaking pet sitter over the summer. I considered applying to be a nude model, but I don’t tan well & I don’t shave my legs on the reg.

We went to the grocery store yesterday trying to find foods that I like & that I will actually eat. You see, my migraine meds make it tough for me to have an appetite. So by the time we got to the check out, I looked like a pregnant woman. Not in that I was fat, but in my food choices because J-Bird basically just let me grab whatever looked good. Which ended up consisting of a jar of pineapple chunks, tons of yogurt, dried mango, frozen dinners & Gatorade. I’ve lost 20 pounds since August due to these meds & I really need to maintain the weight I’m currently at. Its tough & causes me a ton of anxiety. Which causes me migraines. Sigh.

When I drove J-Bird to work this morning wearing sweatpants, a tie-dye t-shirt, sweater shoes and my crush velvet blazer that makes me look like a cross between Willie Wonka & the Mad Hatter I decided it was time. Not only time to get my shit together, but time to see a therapist.

It’s a big step for someone who never admits she’s wrong. Alright, sometimes I admit I’m wrong, but I never admit to character flaws. I’m just flamboyant.

So, here’s to hoping this helps & to getting that pet sitter gig. Off to eat my pineapple chunks.


You know its time to get a therapist when…

Here are the indications that my week is slowly going downhill:

  • I’ve worn the same pajama pants to take J-Bird to work every morning so far this week.
  • I managed to wash my car on Monday, only to have it covered in mud (from the “parking spot” in my yard) & pollen (because I don’t get a carport like my roommate) on Tuesday.
  • Monday night my left eye randomly started swelling up.
  • The last bullet point lead to me having to wear my 5-year-old glasses all day yesterday (they’re hot pink, as icing on the cake).
  • I haven’t slept in 3 nights. Partly, though, because of the nightly thunderstorms we’ve been having.
  • I literally can’t stop watching episodes of The Walking Dead.
  • I’ve officially tried to convince J-Bird to move to Mexico & Georgia. I don’t know, either.
  • I still haven’t left the bed today. Or showered.
  • Wait, its only Wednesday?

You may not get another post this week,