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This is my ghetto version of getting a pet bunny.

There’s a bunny living in my yard. I’ve seen her sitting on my porch & outside my window, so I know she loves me dearly.

Today I decided to name her Apple-Anna. I chased her around the yard trying to snap a few pictures, but she’s a bit faster than I am, then she disappeared & I think I may have gotten poison ivy on my foot…

Anyway, we’re best friends now & she eats my grass for me, so I have no reason to attack my yard with scissors!


I kill things easily so something really resilient would be terrific.

J-Bird & I have been thinking about getting a pet for a while now. Thing is, over the past couple days, we’ve made a few big decisions (like we’re staying in the Amityville house & helping to fix it up) so now that we’re in a semi-stable environment, we thought it might be a good time to consider a pet.

We’re on a tight budget, so we need something pretty cheap & I kill things easily so something really resilient would be terrific too. J-Bird doesn’t mind reptiles (well, I don’t really either, depending on what it is), but I really want something fuzzy that I can play with. We’d prefer something in a cage so it doesn’t bother the roommate.

So, I give you, our list.

  • Lizard. I might make it a fur coat to make up for it not being fuzzy. Potential names: Ozzy or Leslie.
  • Chinchilla. Perhaps a little out of our price range…but sooo darn cute. Potential names: Tilley or Carlitos.
  • Frog. Again, not fuzzy, but I can forgo the fuzziness because its J-Bird’s favorite animal. Potential names: Tenacious D or Petunia.
  • Hamster. I think these bite, but J-Bird’s impression of them makes them cute. Potential names: Ben or Molly.
  • Lionhead rabbit. Probably my favorite on this list because they have bangs. Potential names: Chaz or Midori.
  • Hedgehog. Perhaps a little prickly & hard to care for (they hibernate), but very cute. Potential names: Limeade or Francesca.

Alright. There you have it. Now I need your opinions. Own any of these? Want to? Don’t think I should? Tell me!!