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I was just diagnosed with fake cancer and we’re moving to fake Hong Kong.

Yea, you guessed it, my ex best friend that is still kind of my friend but not really is getting married. Oh yea, and I’m a bridesmaid. Why? Why did I agree to torture myself with bad dresses, drama and fluffy hair? Because she was my matron of honor 3 years ago.

Long story short, our non friendship goes way back, and our friendship goes back even further…like 15 years. Ugh. I’m old. Sidetracked, sorry. She’s a manipulative, crazy drama queen any day of the week. Now multiply that times 10 to get bridezilla on steroids. Anyway, her colors are cotton candy pink and blue. I’m one of the unlucky souls that gets to wear the blue one (um, thankfully?) but she keeps changing her mind about the actual dress. Currently, I own a bridesmaid dress that was shipped from the Chinese blackmarket that doesn’t fit, if any of you are in need of one. It costs 200 pesos…

J-Bird and I were trying to come up with a way for me to avoid the wedding drama without being too harsh and since I can’t fake my own death because I want to keep my facebook account, we decided that I should have cancer and we’re going to move to Hong Kong.



Is it so five minutes ago to write a blog?

Yea, I’m back, and hopefully its still cool to have a blog and I haven’t gotten too old in the year that I’ve been gone. Oh, you guys want to know what happened? I’ll tell ya what happened: my cat got fat, I got lazy and we moved again. But more on those things later. More importantly, I’m back, to revamp the blog.

And we have lots to catch up on.


The grass isn’t always greener…

I have what I like to call the “grass is greener syndrome”. Meaning? I always think the grass is greener on the other side or that things or going to be better if I change something or if such & such happens differently.

I don’t know how I developed this syndrome. It’s the reason I’ve moved around a lot & switched jobs a lot in my adult life. I always seem to think that if things start going badly, I want to remove myself from the situation. Thing is, I can’t figure out if this is a good or a bad thing. Am I running from my problems or simply trying to create a better life for myself?

I’ve come to discover that about 95% of the time, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I hit the brick wall & I’m back to square one. What a vicious cycle.

I’m trying to do things differently this time, though. I really wanted to move out of the house we’re currently renting because we’ve had a lot of various problems, but we recently decided we’re staying in the house (infinitely) to fix it up. I just hope I can find peace & happiness with this decision.

Still struggling with the job thing…I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time.