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I’m about to resort to doing shameful things on street corners for money…

like starting a lemonade stand. Duh. What did you think I meant? Oh, ew. No! So you guys have already heard about how I hit rock bottom (slowly trying to work my way back up, thank you very much) & about how I have been looking for a new job (only one offer, part-time, making LESS than I am now…uh, no thanks).

We’re pretty broke, but I went on a rant yesterday about how I want to change my thinking & make the most of what we have now. That means, I’m going to try to stop stressing so freaking much about finding the perfect job & just go with the flow & maybe pursue other dreams (I majored in graphic design in school & have been waiting to land that grandiose job). Maybe I will save some money on hair dye as my hair will stop getting more & more gray.

In honor of this new change, I decided to do a post (& a list, yay!) of past jobs I’ve had to prove how crazy things have gotten in the past. I am not revealing the actual names of any of the places I’ve worked…because, well, that’s just unprofessional.

1. The fast food place. Reeked of raw chicken. ALL THE TIME. I did pretty much everything from working drive thru to the front line to some cooking. Was there for a year, left to go to college.

2. The steakhouse. I was a fill in hostess in between jobs. Stayed for 4 months before they went bankrupt & closed down.

3. The department store that had everything. I worked here on & off all throughout college. Originally I started as a sales associate on the floor in the children’s department, ended up being a receptionist. Was there a total of 3 years, left because I hated it & they pissed me off.

4. The magazine. Run by the college I went to, actually got to do graphic design work. SHOCK! Stayed for 2 years, then I graduated.

5. The internship. I got this straight out of college & actually moved halfway across the state to accept it. Did graphic design work (sort of)…then got fired 4 weeks in.

6. The photography studio. I actually liked this job at first, & it got me really interested in photography, but sucky management & a poor work environment caused me to leave 6 months in.

7. The dress shop. My current job. I’ve been there for almost a year and a half. I like it alright most days. I’m a receptionist & the people are really cool at the store I’m currently at, I just wish it were full-time.

There you have it. My sporadic work history. Now that that’s off my chest its time to go with the flow. We’ll see how long that lasts.



A list of love movies that make me ugly cry.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not big on Valentines day. Not in that, I shrink in size, but in that, I hate it. I could go on & on about why I hate it or how it started or why I think it’s too corporate or this or that, but I don’t really care. I just don’t like it. We don’t celebrate it & I don’t care if that offends you or if you think I’m being cliché. The one good thing about V-day is all the cheesy love movies come on TV & I sit up late watching them with a box of tissues trying not to ugly cry. Actually, that doesn’t sound good at all. But, that leads to today’s blog post (which is a good thing)-a list! Yay! Of my all time favorite love movies. The ones most likely to make me ugly cry. Only when I’m alone though.

1. The Notebook. You knew this one would be on here the very moment you started reading. It is the love movie. Need I say more?

2. Titanic. I figured I’d just hit you with the cheeseballs right off the bat. Titanic is cheesy. The movie, I mean. I know, you know it, we all know it. Yet, I still love to watch it.

3. The Time Traveler’s Wife. Admittedly, I’ve only seen this one once. But I liked it. I’ve read the book a million times though & its soooo good.

4. PS I Love You. I love the soundtrack to the movie. I love the hot men in this movie. I want to go to Ireland. Also, out of all the movies on my list, this one makes me ugly cry at least 5 to 10 times during it.

5. A Walk to Remember. Probably my least favorite on my list, but it made my list because it is a really sweet story & Mandy Moore was still pretty.

6. Elizabethtown. A little bit of an unconvitional love story, but lovely. Beautifully told & it made me want to be cremated when I die.

So, there they are. My favsies. What are your favorite cheesy love movies?

Also, happy or crappy V-day. Whichever you prefer.

BrennaG ❤

Things I’d do for $1000. Disclaimer: this could get ugly.

Yesterday as I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for J-bird to get off work, listening to the radio, they said Be the 20th caller to win $1000!!. So I picked up my cell phone & started dailing. When J-bird got to the car 15 minutes later, I was still dailing. I handed the phone to him & told him to keep dailing. He was confused, I told him we were going to win money. Well, sorry to disappoint, we didn’t win the money, but it did spark the conversation for today’s blog post: what I would do for $1000. We decided to make a list.

  1. Dial a number 200 times.
  2. Eat 100 chicken wings in one sitting. Within an hour.
  3. Shave my head. (But then I’d go buy a wig with my winnings…or J-bird said keep the hair & glue it onto a hat)
  4. Get “thug life” tattooed on my ankle. Sorry, ankle is as hardcore as I’d go for $1000.
  5. Wear butter instead of deodorant for 2 days.
  6. Spend the night in a coffin (above ground…hey this isn’t a million dollars we’re talking about).
  7. Drink a bottle of hot sauce.
  8. Eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. So, for most of you, this makes no sense. You may do this occasionally for lunch. But I hate peanut butter with a passion, so this would be HUGE for me. Actually, I’m not sure I could do this without throwing up. This is the hardest one on the list, by far.
  9. Slash my roommate’s tires. Actually, I may just do this anyway. No payment necessary.
  10. Watch all the Twilight movies in a row. Actually, might have to bump it up to $1500 for this one.

How desparate are you for money nowadays? What would you do for $1000?