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I just found out how P. Diddy feels in the morning.

Oddly enough, he feels not as hungover as you’d expect and actually pretty good. He also finds glitter in places glitter shouldn’t be. You’re probably wondering how I know how P. Diddy feels in the morning…well, I attended a Ke$ha concert with J-Bird.

It’s actually been one of my long running dreams to see Ke$ha in concert for a while now, so I’m pumped that I got the opportunity to rock out with her. My favorite part of the concert may not have been the music, though. No, I’m not one of those people walking around claiming Ke$ha doesn’t have talent or whatever, I just enjoyed seeing everyone’s outfits. Tutus, glitter, drag queens, fish nets, more glitter, bunny ears, and flower halos. Fantastically wonderful. I actually made my own temporary glitter tattoos to wear and wish I could dress that way every day (my job would not allow for this).

Anyway, we partied hard, there was glitter covering everything (even the walk back to the car afterwards…which was 3 blocks away), Ke$ha is awesome and I love her.

Also, glitter is the new black.



Trifecta of terrific

Totally obsessing over the new Britney/Ke$ha/Nicki remix. I love these three women, love their music (Britney & Ke$ha more than Nicki, I must admit, but I love Nicki’s look). As I’m sitting in the car with J-bird the other night, I was rocking out to this song, & I go, What could be better than a remix with Britney, Ke$ha AND Nicki?! to which J-bird responds dryly, Watching you sing to it.