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I’m totally cheating on my job…

I’ve been looking for other jobs. As a lot of you may know, I work at a dress shop. I’m looking for other jobs for lots of reasons (I’m itching to make a list, but I’ll resist the urge), but the 2 main ones being: the long commute to work & I’m only working part-time (so I need to step this up to full time).

Thus, I decided it was time to look for other jobs. Jobs that were within walking distance of my house & full time. I mean, I need the exersise & the money, so this all makes perfect sense. Over the weekend I went walking around, asking if anyone was hiring, 2 places were in the shopping center I was looking in to.

I scored an interview today with both places. I’ve already declined a job with the first place, as they offered me a part time job for less than what I’m making now (I mean, I’m bad at math but dangggg), I’m waiting to hear back from the other place.

I also let the dress shop (my current job) know on Monday that I was cheating on it with other jobs. They…reacted ok. Slightly unhappy to hear that I may be leaving I was simply told to keep them posted & be sure to give a 2 weeks notice. Switching jobs is tough, but I feel like I’m moving (generally) in the right direction.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the status of my job search.