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The Hearse, Part 2, apparently.

I was really hoping there wouldn’t be a part 2 to this story. I you missed part 1, click here. So, again on my commute (this time in the middle of the afternoon) I got behind a hearse. What the hell is going on here?! Well at least this one had curtains, & no dignity this time (well in the type sense). This one looked like it stepped straight out of the 80’s & onto the road…all boxey with the paint peeling off. Ick. I don’t think that seeing a hearse is that common on my commute to work…I’ve never noticed before. Maybe I’m just being uber paranoid. Now, I’m waiting for something bad to happen.

Speaking of bad omens, I had to go to the doctor this morning to get my blood drawn & I’m pretty sure the bear of a nurse that did it just stabbed the needle in my arm then amputated. At least, that’s what it felt like.

Sorry for the morbid post.




Grandma wouldn’t have approved of that.

As I was sweeping the stairs yesterday, I got to thinking about the very first time I got to explore the big old house I live in. It was a rather dark day several years ago, back when J-bird & I were still in college. We had gotten word earlier that week that his grandmother had passed away. So, we made the trek across part of the state for the funeral & upon arriving fashionably late to the church, we were asked to head over to the house to help clean it out afterward.

I had no idea that if we’d have flash forwarded a few years later I’d be living in that very same house, freezing my ass off every night with no heat & stuggling to survive with a roommate, but nonetheless, back to the real story. The thing is, J-bird has a normal family. I mean, I’m always the one with the crazy family drama going on…not him, but he has a crazy uncle. Yep, sure does. This is the story of my very first encounter with his crazy uncle. As I’m helping clean out the house, J-bird’s crazy uncle stops me on the stairs as no one else is around & askes a fairly normal question, Do you smoke? Naturally, I assumed he meant cigarettes, so I shook my head to which he replied, But I have the good stuff, are you sure?

It was at that moment I realized exactly WHAT he was talking about. I ran down the stairs, out of the house & grabbed J-bird to tell him it was time to leave. He didn’t understand until the ride home. I mean, really? I’m the one with abnormal family, but his uncle goes around asking people to get high after grandma’s funeral…IN HER OLD HOUSE. Terrific.

Ah, in-laws.