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Prom & the fruity boy.

‘Tis the season for prom over at the dress shop I work at. Technically speaking, prom season started a couple months back, but of course, every little high school girl in this area has waited until the last-minute. Poor kids. All the good dresses are already picked over at this point, so I guess they’re gonna end up in either that lilac princess cut or the neon one with most of the midsection cut out, but I digress.

I remember my Junior prom all too well. Unfortunately. My best friend at the time, Kathleen, was in a mildly serious relationship with this boy so I knew they were going to prom together. That meant I was expected to get a date so we could double date for prom. Thing is, the only guy that asked me I didn’t want to go with. His name was Fred Berry, he had bright red hair & he may or may not have been missing a few teeth. I turned him down. Six times.

I went ahead & purchased a sassy prom dress with the intentions of finding a date. My dress was a spaghetti strap, mermaid cut, lime green number with a mesh cut out at the midriff. Whatever. I weighed 40 pounds less then. It was hot.

Months went by. I asked guy friends of mine. They already had dates. Kathleen attempted to set me up. Nothing worked. One week before prom I still didn’t have a date. I didn’t want to be the third wheel. Looks like I was going to have to do the unthinkable: ask Fred to prom.

He was pumped, of course. He took me to a crappy restaurant & I paid for my own meal. He insisted we get to prom an hour early to take pictures that I later found out he expected me to pay for. He wanted me to dance with him on every single song. He topped the charts as one of my worst dates ever.

I ended up leaving early with Kathleen & her boy toy to go bowling. We had a blast. Perhaps three isn’t a crowd.


A day long double date & banana spring rolls, oh my.

J-Bird & I don’t make friends easily. I’ve made this clear in earlier posts about myself, but its even harder if you’re trying to make friends as a couple. You know? Finding another couple mildly similar to us to hang out with that can stand us for more than 5 minutes. Introducing Haley & Justin. They’re our couple. Our best friend couple. We met them about a year ago living on the other side of the state.

Thing is, J-Bird & I moved about 4 months ago. Today was the first time we’d gotten to see Haley & Justin since the big move. The 4 of us made big plans, all had to request today off…so we made a huge deal of it & made a day date of it. We met in the middle of the state, J-bird & I driving an hour and a half to see them…all the while J-Bird nodding off or lecturing me about how I have two kinds of singing: 1. the kind where I try to sing really bad or 2. the kind where I try to sing good & it sounds alright. You’d think he’d be used to me singing in the car by now, duh.

We ended up eating lunch & going shopping with Haley & Justin for a while at the nearby mall, then going to see The Vow. Which, I thought might end up on my “Ugly Cry” list, but no. Just no. I was really disappointed by the choppy storyline & the tension between it trying to be about a love story or about Rachel McAdams’ character finding out who she really is. Have any of you seen the movie? Thoughts?

We ended the day long double date with dinner at P.F. Chang’s, which I had only been to one other time. The food was pretty good, the service was terrific, but the highlight of the meal (& potentially the day) was the dessert. OMFG. J-Bird & I ordered the banana spring rolls to share…it was like I had fallen in love all over again & gone to heaven. Pineapple ice cream, bananas, various fruits, drizzled with caramel. No joke…please go to your nearest P.F. Chang’s & order this dessert like now.

Saying goodbye to our best friend couple was hard, actually. As you can see we basically have to stop earth from spinning to get to see them so we don’t know when that’ll happen again, but today turned out to be a terrific day.