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Camel cricket & camel toe: both ugly but completely harmless.

As summer quickly approaches, out come the creepy crawlers that lurk in the darkness of the Amityville house. Granted, we expected this to happen.

Our washer & dryer are both down in the basement (which is unfinished) so I have to make regular trips down there to do laundry. I always make J-Bird go with me because its dark (duh) & it smells funny. And, it’s potentially haunted.

3 nights ago, however, we figured out exactly what was haunting our basement. The camel cricket. An evil, spider looking creeper that lurks in the dark waiting to pounce on your pants leg at any given moment. Terrifying. I’d have rather it been a ghost.

Thing is, there’s not just one or two (um…we never get that lucky, guys) there’s like a hundred down there. It’s yet another infestation. Go figure. They’re huge. Well some of them. I also noticed these tiny little black dots & when I got really close in to the floor I realized they were baby camel crickets. I ran straight up the freaking stairs & out the front door screaming. No wonder none of my neighbors ever ask us for sugar.

Anyway, I have no clue what we’re doing about the camel crickets. Suggestions appreciated. Also, photo is courtesy of J-Bird. You guys know I sure as hell didn’t get that close to those nasty suckers.


I want the views, but you guys are freaking me out.

Guys, no joke, the stuff that pops up on my “Top Searches” creeps me the hell out. Actually I wish WordPress would just get rid of that feature all together. I could do without it. I really don’t need to know what people are typing into the search bar that leads them here, to this lovely paradise.

Lately the most searched phrase in my top searches is “my dad had sex with me”. Alright, guys. Let’s be clear here. I DID NOT do a post about that. I did a post a couple weeks back about the sex talk with my pops. Just sayin’. And if you’re struggling with your dad having sex with you, please, go tell the cops. Or your therapist. Or your mother. Or someone other than WordPress. Kthanks.

Also, globophobia gets searched all the time! Freaking nuts! Apparently everyone is scared of balloons. Like we should have a national globophobia day with a festival & shit. It’d be great. No balloons required. Just lots of funnel cakes.

Who’s with me on getting National Globophobia Day started?!

Also, watch what you search, I’m watching you.