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Oh my lanta, it’s Hotlanta.

J-Bird and I took a 3 day mini vaykay to Atlanta to sightsee, do fun things, shop and go to a concert. I’d forgotten how much I like Atlanta. It’s been 12 long years since I’d been there, but it really is a cool city with alot of crazy people and insane drivers. All this time I thought I had converted over to a city girl but then I go to a place like Atlanta and feel like a total noob on the subway and realize…I’m somewhere in between city and country girl. Suburban living is my thing, perhaps.

Anyway, we saw Ellie Goulding in concert at the most amazing venue, the Fox Theater. If any of you guys have ever been there you know how awesome this place is…the decor, the lights, the seating…awesome. Also, Ellie is my favorite. Need I say more?

We also went on a tour of some the places The Walking Dead is filmed. Ummm…that, in and of itself was almost as awesome as the concert. Met some cool people. Got called zombie hunters. Made friends with a random ass cat.

We had breakfast at Ikea over the Atlanta skyline. Mmmmm…lingonberry juice…swedish pancakes…princess cake….these are the things happiness is made of.



I’ll kill a bitch over a curvy straw.

Yea that’s right. You guys better sleep with one eye open. I have my eyes set on the unlucky culprit: Lucky Charms. Yea, yea, yea. They thought they were lucky until they came across BrennaG.

It all started a few weeks ago with me jumping up & down embarrassing J-Bird in the cereal aisle (which is what I’m really good at). I was excited because my favorite cereal, Lucky Charms, promised in this limited edition box, a curvy straw. I hugged the box as I pointed to the bright colorful text & tossed it in the cart. J-Bird rolled his eyes & acted like he didn’t know me. Typical.

Anyway, I just now (as in today) got around to opening my box of cereal because I had another box I had to finish first. J-Bird has a one-box-at-a-time rule set for me.

I dug all around the box for my curvy straw. No straw there. I jerked the bag of cereal out. Shook the box. Dug my hand all around in the cereal. No effing straw. I want my straw.

I sent a not-so-nice email to General Mills. I better get my curvy straw in the mail.


Yesterday I scored 2 burritos & took photographs.

Not of the burritos, that is. Sorry. Nonetheless I’d consider yesterday a success. I like burritos & I like photography.

Our resident garden that’s only like 3 blocks from the house is in full bloom & is absolutely beautiful. I could just go out there & spend an entire day I love it so much. I spent yesterday morning down there wondering around looking lost with burrito breath.

Here’s some of what I got:

I have a busy weekend planned of visiting a couple friends a few towns over & perhaps meeting up with my Mom for a visit, so I’ll see you guys on Monday. Happy weekending.