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If it weren’t for bad luck I’d have absofreakinlutely no luck at all.

We finally got a pet! A cat, actually. You may have read my post before about adopting her. Her name is Maya. She’s beautiful & I adore her. We actually got her from her foster mom on Saturday & she’s been adapting to the Amityville house quite gracefully.

So, at this point you’re sitting there thinking, Brenna, what’s up with the title? Everything sounds totally hunky dory in your world!

Here we go: Apparently, I’m allergic to cats. Wait. Yea. You totally read that right. I’m seriously no joke allergic to my precious new-found buddy. I had no idea, obviously. I’d been around cats my entire childhood & never had any issues. My father in law has a cat currently & I’ve never noticed anything strange around him. But, if Maya starts licking me, I break out. Like, large red itchy bumps. Swelling. Its terrible.

However, we’ve decided to keep her. I’m already in love with her. She’s my snuggle bunny. But if you guys have any suggestions, please do let me know. Also, I’ll take pics of her because I know you guys are dying to see!


This is the most legit way to pick a place to live.

Over the past week or so, J-Bird & I have started looking for a place to move to since a lot of college students are moving out of their apartments this time of year. Also, around this time of year, a lot of apartment complexes in this area are running specials since students don’t usually stay over the summer so they need to fill up with other people. We’re wanting to move out of the Amityville house because of how many problems we’ve had & we hate our roommate.

Anyway, J-Bird doesn’t know it yet because he’s at work today, but we’re going to see an apartment this evening. I’m super excited about this particular place, but the original reason I chose it was because it was apartment 303.

Yea. Like after my favorite band. Because apparently, I think that’s a totally legit way to pick a place to call home.

Happy Monday.


I kill things easily so something really resilient would be terrific.

J-Bird & I have been thinking about getting a pet for a while now. Thing is, over the past couple days, we’ve made a few big decisions (like we’re staying in the Amityville house & helping to fix it up) so now that we’re in a semi-stable environment, we thought it might be a good time to consider a pet.

We’re on a tight budget, so we need something pretty cheap & I kill things easily so something really resilient would be terrific too. J-Bird doesn’t mind reptiles (well, I don’t really either, depending on what it is), but I really want something fuzzy that I can play with. We’d prefer something in a cage so it doesn’t bother the roommate.

So, I give you, our list.

  • Lizard. I might make it a fur coat to make up for it not being fuzzy. Potential names: Ozzy or Leslie.
  • Chinchilla. Perhaps a little out of our price range…but sooo darn cute. Potential names: Tilley or Carlitos.
  • Frog. Again, not fuzzy, but I can forgo the fuzziness because its J-Bird’s favorite animal. Potential names: Tenacious D or Petunia.
  • Hamster. I think these bite, but J-Bird’s impression of them makes them cute. Potential names: Ben or Molly.
  • Lionhead rabbit. Probably my favorite on this list because they have bangs. Potential names: Chaz or Midori.
  • Hedgehog. Perhaps a little prickly & hard to care for (they hibernate), but very cute. Potential names: Limeade or Francesca.

Alright. There you have it. Now I need your opinions. Own any of these? Want to? Don’t think I should? Tell me!!