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You might judge me after this post…if you hadn’t already.

I love lazy mornings off work when I get to sit on the floor in front of my couch (let me explain-my couch is terribly uncomfortable, so I do not us it as a couch, but instead, as a backrest as I sit on the floor) & watch reruns. I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite reruns to watch…the kind that you don’t need to follow episode to episode, or even know what the heck is going on. They’re just terrific to watch.

1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Alright, seriously, who didn’t love this show back in the day? And who doesn’t love the reruns more? Will with his wacky, too colorful shirts, Carlton’s dancing…makes for a mixed up, really rich, super hilarious family.

2. The New Adventures of Old Christine. One of my ultimate favs right now. This show is hilarious. I especially love Christine’s brother, Matthew. He’s hilarious, kinda creepy & almost reminds me of J-Bird.

3. Will & Grace. OMG. One word: Karen. Her look, her voice, her hair, her everything. She’s freaking hilarious. I’ve always loved the show, but recently have been hooked again when they started playing reruns on Lifetime.

4. Reba. I love Reba, but that probaby has to do with my obsession with redheads more than anything. Her family life makes my dysfunctional family look mildly normal. Barbara Jean reminds me of a friend of mine…well need I say more about that?

Now that you guys think I’m a super big loser that sits around on my floor all day watching re-runs on Lifetime (wow, I painted that picture nicely), tell me your fav. reruns to watch!



Trifecta of terrific

Totally obsessing over the new Britney/Ke$ha/Nicki remix. I love these three women, love their music (Britney & Ke$ha more than Nicki, I must admit, but I love Nicki’s look). As I’m sitting in the car with J-bird the other night, I was rocking out to this song, & I go, What could be better than a remix with Britney, Ke$ha AND Nicki?! to which J-bird responds dryly, Watching you sing to it.




Television. Not what it used to be.

As you probably figured out in my first post, I really like stupid TV. For instance, Teen Mom 2? Totally addicting. I mean, what the heck? I don’t even like kids. But, somehow, I can’t stop watching those girls screw up more & more. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever seen that show 1000 Ways to Die, but it trips me out every single time. I go to bed wondering how I’m going to die that night. Right now, I’m watching Dance Moms & this shit is crazy! Much like Toddlers & Tiaras, its basically parents pressuring their children to do random crap they don’t want to do. There. Now you don’t even have to watch. You’re welcome.

Also, any crime show on TruTV. My husband, J-bird, hates those shows. All of them. He’s not your typical guy, though. You won’t find him yelling at sports, but instead, taking notes from HGTV on how to improve the design of the house. Or on the Food Network trying to find a new recipe.

So, what are your favorite TV shows that are ridiculous? Let me know!


I just want my pants back!

Welcome to my first post. Delicious Suspicious is going to be my dump spot for everything. So that’s all things weird that happen to me at work, things that I want, celeb gossip, photography stuff, stupid crap my husband does, & things that I want to complain about. I won’t use proper grammar, I’ll misspell everything & I’ll probably piss a few of you off. I don’t care. I hope that you find my posts vaguely entertaining, & if not, there’s a billion other blogs, go read another. I’ll try to post a few times a week, try to keep up with my soap opera-style life.

So, honestly, who else really can’t wait for I Just Want My Pants Back to come out on MTV? Seriously, I know I wasn’t the only one curled up in the fetal position crying when they took Skins off the air. That’s what this show reminds me of.

I Just Want My Pants Back

Over & Outtt.