A Mashup of my week.

Its been an insanely busy week. You may have guessed this by my lack of presence here with you. Let me give you the run down!

Sunday- Yard work galore! I told you guys about the electric lawn mower & I highly suggest you DO NOT BUY ONE. Ever. It took us 3 hours to mow our tiny barren yard. We actually did have to go back with scissors and physically cut what the lawn mower missed or couldn’t get to (which I had joked about in an earlier post…totally not funny.) On the bright side, we made a trip to Lowe’s & I got some new little cacti to add to my growing collection of house plants. By the way, I do name all of my house plants, so let me give you the roll call: there’s Perle (a Perle Von Nurnberg plant), Perle Jr., Mimi (also a Perle Von Nurnberg), Lola (Aloe), Bertha (Christmas cactus), Gary & Thurston (both Gary & Thurston are my newest cacti, I’ll get you guys some pics soon). Stop judging me. Right now.

Monday- I honestly have no idea what Monday consisted of. Work & Mondayness I’m assuming.

Tuesday- Our best friends from a few cities over, Haley & Justin (whom I’ve posted about before) came into town to stay with us for a few days. Now, we love Haley & Justin because we can hang out as a couple & they’re hilarious. Plus, we like mostly all the same things. Its terrific. We took them out to our favorite restaurant (of course) & had a blast. Then we played Apples to Apples where I clearly remember winning (some other people in our group may remember it happening another way though).

Wednesday- We went to the Museum of Natural Sciences. Saw all sorts of cool things. Ran around like little kids. I lost my dollar sunglasses and whined the entire day. We saw a 3D movie about Dinosaurs that J-Bird & Justin went craycray over. I thought they were going to get us kicked out for trying to steal the nerdy glasses they give you.

Thursday- J-Bird & I had to head back to work. I had a busy day at the dress shop as there was a huge manager’s meeting in our store, but we got to see Haley & Justin briefly before they headed back home that evening.

I’ve worked the past 2 days…sooo you see? Busy week! I’ve been pooped. Nonetheless, I hope your week has been as eventful as mine!!



7 thoughts on “A Mashup of my week.

  1. I love succulents! A non-green-thumb-girls dream. And I love that you’ve named yours, so clever! K off to name mine now!

    1. Mine isn’t either. That’s why you need a cactus! Even if you forget to water, they somehow still stay alive. Haha. I got my small one for $1.98 at Lowes & it even has a little pink bloom on it. I’ve GOT to get some pics up on here!

      1. A cactus huh? Sounds dangerous around me and my crazy little dog. I just imagined coming home to him laying on the floor with the needles stuck all in him because he decided to pee on it and it struck back!

      2. Haha, get something non-pointy! My Perle is a succulent which I think technically falls into the cactus category. Maybe? Anyway, she only gets watered once every 2 weeks. But please, protect the dog!!

      3. Watering every two weeks I could probably handle. What if I forget and do it every three weeks? Will it survive? See, I already know I’m going to be bad at this…

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