I can see why people would think I’m a puplic nuisance.

I mean, after all, I rap to J-Bird to get him up in the mornings, I sing too loudly in my car (& sometimes outside of my car), I have a “I’m-going-to-work” dance that I do in the mornings, I sometimes exclusively talk in my (super convincing) Indian accent, & sometimes when my mom calls I act like I can’t speak English (she falls for it every time).

The reason I have been a little MIA lately is because J-Bird & I got slapped with a public nuisance complaint in the city we live in & we only have two (!!!) weeks to get our act together. For reasons completely unrelated to those listed above, unfortunately.

One of our nosy neighbors decided to tell the city that we had 12 people living in our house. In case you guys were wondering, I’m not hoarding an army over here, nor am I raising a small Mexican family. As most of you know, there’s 2 of us living here: J-Bird & me. We are, however, looking for a roommate to replace Nick. But just one person.

They also complained that our yard was too messy. Which we were aware of & in the process of cleaning up, but it takes time & a lot of work. So, this past week consisted of us trimming our lovely bushes (you still can’t really tell) & cleaning out the gutters (which was a pain in the butt). We actually had a small tree growing in our gutters.

Today, our adventure leads us to the spider infested carport closet to go hunting for the electric lawn mower. My guess is that the mower might need a blog post all on his own after today.



4 thoughts on “I can see why people would think I’m a puplic nuisance.

  1. I haven’t mastered the Indian accent, but I can do a mean British one, govna!

    Isn’t there a way to fight the complaint considering that you do not in fact have 12 people living there?? You should put a bunch of camel crickets in a box and put it on their doorstep as a thank you!

  2. So how did they get 12 people out of that? And, I have a fond memories of mowing the lawn with an electric lawn mower. No lie. I found one at a garage sale for like $20 and really wanted it for some reason. (Even though we already had a mower.) This was going to be MY mower. And, yes, I mowed the lawn with a big orange extension cord trailing behind me. Ahhh good times. Too bad I didn’t get the mower in the breakup.

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