I’ll kill a bitch over a curvy straw.

Yea that’s right. You guys better sleep with one eye open. I have my eyes set on the unlucky culprit: Lucky Charms. Yea, yea, yea. They thought they were lucky until they came across BrennaG.

It all started a few weeks ago with me jumping up & down embarrassing J-Bird in the cereal aisle (which is what I’m really good at). I was excited because my favorite cereal, Lucky Charms, promised in this limited edition box, a curvy straw. I hugged the box as I pointed to the bright colorful text & tossed it in the cart. J-Bird rolled his eyes & acted like he didn’t know me. Typical.

Anyway, I just now (as in today) got around to opening my box of cereal because I had another box I had to finish first. J-Bird has a one-box-at-a-time rule set for me.

I dug all around the box for my curvy straw. No straw there. I jerked the bag of cereal out. Shook the box. Dug my hand all around in the cereal. No effing straw. I want my straw.

I sent a not-so-nice email to General Mills. I better get my curvy straw in the mail.



One thought on “I’ll kill a bitch over a curvy straw.

  1. LMFAO! I am so glad that I am taking the time to catch up on your blog posts! For some reason, I can always visualize your behaviors… perhaps it’s because I behave in the same manner? Me? No, I would NEVER get so excited over a straw… *ummm*

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