I don’t need an interview unless its for professional time waster. Or creeper.

So, today was an interesting day. Well, that’s not really surprising living in my shoes, but nonetheless, strange. I drove a couple of towns over for an interview to be an intern at a photography studio.

I think the interview went well. I always do freakishly well at interviews, which is bizarre because I typically just wing it. I’m going to turn them down if I get offered the internship, though. It sounds too officy for me & like I wouldn’t learn jack shit. Figures.

I was already pretty close to the dress shop so I didn’t want to waste the gas to drive all the way back home, but I had 4 hours to kill before I had to be at work. Yea, you read that right, 4 whopping hours. I didn’t have a clue what the hell I was going to do.

I ended up at a pretty big mall, then went to a movie theater. I realized I’d never seen a movie by myself. Eh. Time to try that out today. Even though I’m not a big Zac Efron fan, I went to see The Lucky One, which actually turned out to be pretty alright. There were only 3 other creepers in the theater: a chick in daisy dukes, an Asian lady that wouldn’t stop crying & a huge bald guy. I was by far the most normal looking one there, even in my nice business attire.

I then took a slow, long walk to the mall food court to stuff my face. Whatever. I had time to kill. I wondered around for a while to take samples from all the Asian restaurants even though I had no intention of eating at any of them. Hey, now, I know you guys do that too. It doesn’t make me a bad person.

After lunch, I lurked around Nordstrom to steal their wi-fi (why the hell does a department store need wi-fi?!).

Then, due to my lack of sense of direction, I couldn’t find a bathroom, so I drove to the dress shop to use theirs. Oh well, they already know I’m craycray. They spend most days with me.



5 thoughts on “I don’t need an interview unless its for professional time waster. Or creeper.

  1. Props! I always wanted to go to a movie by myself. Minus the huge bald guy at a chick flick. And the waterworks lady. And who wears daisy dukes to a movie, it’s always cold at the movies. Ok you’ve got me rethinking a movie on my own.

    1. Haha, I didn’t mean to make you second guess yourself!! I had a good time. Just…space yourself far enough out from the creepers. And, for the record, it WAS cold in there. That poor girl, she had to be freezing. At least the waterworks lady had a box of tissues. Now, the bald guy, I dunno what the hell was up with him…he just kept going to get nachos.

  2. I can check the movie by myself thing off my bucket list. Although, maybe I’ll do it again. You’ve inspired me. In 2012, I will go to a movie by myself armed with pepper spray (just incase).

    What I found the funniest (because there are so many funny elements here), is that you were stealing samples from all the Asian/Chinese/Japanese restaurants in the food court. Ok, it’s not stealing if they offer it. I agree. Funny part is over the weekend I was at a mall with several people and everyone was still stuffed from breakfast, except my boyfriend (go figure). So, we ALL went around getting samples for him and fed him that way. 🙂

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