Apparently finding a new couch is a lot like searching for bigfoot.

In previous posts, I have tried to explain in so many words how much I hate my current couch. Actually, we don’t even use it. Ever.

We’ve been talking about getting a new couch for years now, but have never had the money to do so. I’m finally fed up with ghetto styling it & sitting on the floor, so we are taking the leap into getting a new couch.

I was under the impression that we’d go to a few places, find the one, it’d be delivered next week & we’d live happily ever after. No, no, no. Apparently finding a new couch is a lot like searching for bigfoot. Impossible to find. Perhaps it’s because we’re being really, really picky about the kind of couch that we want. We want a couch with a chaise lounge on it, nothing too terribly big, no leather and our budget is $500 and under.

We’ve been out shopping all day & came back home with 2 contenders. One is previously rented & will be slightly over budget by the time we cover delivery. It’s also a little on the large side. Like, so large, we’d have to sell all other furniture in the living room except the coffee table. The other one is kind of a strange color (at least according to me…dark blue?) and over budged by $200, but brand new. We also would be able to keep my favorite chair in the living room as opposed to selling it.

We’ve also got to figure out what to do with the old couch. If I had it my way, we’d burn it in the street, but the neighbors might not appreciate that as much as I would.

Happy Monday.



4 thoughts on “Apparently finding a new couch is a lot like searching for bigfoot.

  1. Your post made me truly bust out laughing – I even got a few *side eye* glances about the loudness of my laugh. I feel your pain – we’ve been searching for a brown sectional couch for over a year. here’s hoping you find the couch of your dreams !!!

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