I’m about to resort to doing shameful things on street corners for money…

like starting a lemonade stand. Duh. What did you think I meant? Oh, ew. No! So you guys have already heard about how I hit rock bottom (slowly trying to work my way back up, thank you very much) & about how I have been looking for a new job (only one offer, part-time, making LESS than I am now…uh, no thanks).

We’re pretty broke, but I went on a rant yesterday about how I want to change my thinking & make the most of what we have now. That means, I’m going to try to stop stressing so freaking much about finding the perfect job & just go with the flow & maybe pursue other dreams (I majored in graphic design in school & have been waiting to land that grandiose job). Maybe I will save some money on hair dye as my hair will stop getting more & more gray.

In honor of this new change, I decided to do a post (& a list, yay!) of past jobs I’ve had to prove how crazy things have gotten in the past. I am not revealing the actual names of any of the places I’ve worked…because, well, that’s just unprofessional.

1. The fast food place. Reeked of raw chicken. ALL THE TIME. I did pretty much everything from working drive thru to the front line to some cooking. Was there for a year, left to go to college.

2. The steakhouse. I was a fill in hostess in between jobs. Stayed for 4 months before they went bankrupt & closed down.

3. The department store that had everything. I worked here on & off all throughout college. Originally I started as a sales associate on the floor in the children’s department, ended up being a receptionist. Was there a total of 3 years, left because I hated it & they pissed me off.

4. The magazine. Run by the college I went to, actually got to do graphic design work. SHOCK! Stayed for 2 years, then I graduated.

5. The internship. I got this straight out of college & actually moved halfway across the state to accept it. Did graphic design work (sort of)…then got fired 4 weeks in.

6. The photography studio. I actually liked this job at first, & it got me really interested in photography, but sucky management & a poor work environment caused me to leave 6 months in.

7. The dress shop. My current job. I’ve been there for almost a year and a half. I like it alright most days. I’m a receptionist & the people are really cool at the store I’m currently at, I just wish it were full-time.

There you have it. My sporadic work history. Now that that’s off my chest its time to go with the flow. We’ll see how long that lasts.



4 thoughts on “I’m about to resort to doing shameful things on street corners for money…

  1. as soon as you mentioned “smell of chicken all the time”, it instantly brought back all the nasty memories of working in a restaurant…thanks 😦 But like all bad things, it will eventually pass.

    On the topic of doiing shameful activity on a street corner, I’m thinking more like those street beggers with a sign up that says, “I’m hungry”, or “will work for food”. I never give out any money to a male begger, but I have a really soft spot for a female begger. I don’t think its shameful, as long as you do it with honest and desperate intent.

    I think you have the right idea of just rolling with it and taking it one day at a time. Just enjoy this free time while you have it.

    1. I never give out money to any beggers. Mostly because half the time they’ll have nicer shoes or something than I do! But, I suppose, who am I to judge? If I had to stand on the street everyday, I’d go buy nice shoes, too. I did give bus fare to this lady in the parking lot of where I work the other day, though. Because she was crying. I don’t do well with tears.

      1. I gave a $100 to this lady one time, in a pouring rain, and it resulted in a strange “zen” like moment; Rain stopped pouring, sun came up almost immediately, and I ended up getting a really good deal on a jeep I wanted(even had a 10k Warn winch on it, too!). I drove back to give her another $100, but she was gone. Definitely a strange moment.

        I gotta believe you probably felt pretty good after you gave her a bus fare 🙂

      2. I’m very stingy with my money, but you are too right in saying that I felt really good after giving her the bus fare. I’m happy to know that people like you still exist, perhaps I should try to be a little more compassionate (sometimes).

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