True Life: I have globophobia.

Rushing to Google globophobia? Or are you actually reading to see if I’m going to tell you? Or maybe you suffer from it too. Doubt it.

Globophobia: the fear of balloons.

I had mentioned it in a post once before, quietly, & promised to do a post about my strange fear. That’s when I decided to Google it & discovered it got a super cool name. Saweeeeeet.

But, in all seriousness, my palms are sweating just typing out this post. I’m seriously terrified of balloons. I don’t really know how or when it all started, just as long as I can remember I’ve hated balloons. My friends used to pick on me as a kid. They’d pop a balloon close by & I’d start crying…torture, I know. But as an adult, I’ve been able to hide it pretty well. I usually don’t freak out or anything as long as they’re not too terribly close or as long as another person isn’t physically touching them. I can’t stand the sound they make when someone touches them. Also, its only the latex ones, not the shiny ones.

Typically, around the time of my birthday, I remind coworkers & family members that I do not like balloons so please do not get me any & I like to avoid Party City at all costs. That’s mostly how I deal with the fear. However, if I’m ever caught off-guard, I will run. This past September while visiting Cancun, I was caught off-guard while we were watching a show. I didn’t know balloons would be involved & as soon as I saw the bag of balloons being pulled out I looked at J-Bird & he just nodded. I took off. I didn’t go back into that room for nearly an hour I was so freaked.

So, I live everyday with the fear of balloons, aka globophobia. I’ve also discovered that lots of people have this fear, supposedly. I swear, they should feature me on the MTV show True Life. I’d make a terrific story. Wayyy better than someone that can’t please their parents.

Do any of you have some super cool fears you’d like to share? Any have cool names?!



4 thoughts on “True Life: I have globophobia.

  1. Two days ago I watched some old TLC show called Strange Sex. One of the episodes was about a guy witha balloon fetish. He actualy ejaculates when he pops the balloons. It’s quite common actually. Well, by quite common I mean like 5 people have it. It was pretty funny.

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