At approximately 6:32 pm today I hit rock bottom.

I hear the term “quarter life crisis” thrown around a lot. Up until about a month ago, I’d kinda laughed it off. Then it hit me, I’m 25, no real job, no job prospects, no money, no real dreams & I live with a roommate (& my husband). SHIT. Here it is. My very own quarter life crisis. No, I didn’t ask for it. Much like a mid-life crisis, I never wanted the frustration, anxiety, pity & overall crappiness that comes along with it. Nope, never thought it’d turn out this way.

In fact, had you asked me 2 years ago where I’d be right now, I’d have been like rollin’ in dough with a terrific graphic design job in a really effing tall building, surely living in some super awesome apartment with a snazzy furniture, 2 cats, a dog & a bunny. Yea, I know, dream big, right?

But, alas that’s not exactly where I ended up. The economy went in the crapper & I’ve been kinda floating since then. Stuck in limbo, if you will. Not sure where to go next. I continue my job hunt, sort-of, when my motivation allows. Otherwise, up until this fine evening I had been content with working at the dress shop. Tonight my manager yelled at me like usual, I went unappreciated, like usual & then I hit rock bottom. I didn’t quit or anything, just starting to realize I need to pull myself together to pursue other jobs. Maybe. If I can find the motivation.

I think a lot of people my age are experiencing this so-called quarter life crisis (QLC-yea, came up with that just there on the spot, whuttup). Much of anyone that’s had the pleasure of graduating anytime in the past 2ish years has probably gone through some form of the QLC. I just hope it doesn’t last much longer because I have tons of things I need to get done before my mid-life crisis comes around.

J-Bird suggested I end this post with asswaffles. You’re welcome, honey.


4 thoughts on “At approximately 6:32 pm today I hit rock bottom.

  1. As an old person (48) with a knack for graduating into the middle of crappy economic phases, I can confirm that there really is such a thing as a QLC. It’s when we look at ourselves sometime between 25 and 27 and think, “WTF?” At that point, we assess where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’d like to be. Then, most of us get our poop in a group and set out on a long term plan. And a few of us at that point choose to wallow in life’s shallows, instead, usually perpetually. BTW, any man who doesn’t have his poop in a group for his long term plan by the time he’s thirty is probably never going to do so.

    Good luck! For what it’s worth, it sounds to this old person like you’re doing just fine.

    1. Thanks, I actually appreciate hearing that coming from an older (note, not old) person. I’m working on a game-plan for life. I’ll do a blog post when I actually have one (don’t hold your breath though!). I think I’m still in the “where I’ve been process”. I tend to get hung up on things.

  2. I was pretty scattered with a rather diverse background and a mediocre work record since I tended to aim low and get bored fast. I also lost a husband to mental illness when I was 26. After that, I began my WTF Evaluation. Mine landed me in law school, and now I’m an author, but 26 – 27 1/2 or so was a very difficult time in my life. Oddly, I also remember it as one of the most powerful times of my life, when I learned to let be what is.

    As for where you are, you’re probably right where you need to be. 🙂

    1. Yea, so far my work track record has been all over the place (perhaps they’ll be a blog post about that in the near future, stay tuned) & I’m currently looking to switch jobs yet AGAIN. I am sorry for the loss of your husband, some days I don’t know where I’d be without mine. I can’t imagine how hard it’d be losing him, so I should be very thankful for the things I do have.

      Perhaps starting this blog is exactly where I needed to be.

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