I saw my roomie in his boxers AND became friends with a Mexican. All in the same week.

This entire week has been a little crazy. Actually, crazy doesn’t even begin to describe it. Monday morning started off quietly, but as soon as the clock hit 8 am, we heard a knock at the door. As of that moment, madness ensued. 30 guys entered the house, 95% of them didn’t know English, to install our brand-spanking new heating & cooling system for the house. My father-in-law paid to have it installed, figuring it would up the value of the house.

The guys didn’t show us a blueprint of what was going down, they just started chopping holes in walls/ceilings/floors & we hoped for the best. Every single day we tried to ask what was going on, but the language/knowledge barrier put a major strain on things, leaving J-Bird & I completely in the dark. One of us had to be here at all times, to watch & make sure no one was destroying our precious belongings. Each day, we had to struggle to get into our roommate’s (Nick) side of the house because he thinks its cool to lock us out (even though he knew people we coming to work on the house).

The first day, I decided to be a part in waking Nick to get into his side of the house. We beat on the door for 15 minutes to eventually find that his door leading to the outside of the house was open. Great. Way to let robbers & ax murderers in. We then beat on his bedroom door to let him know there was going to be lots of noise & people on his side of the house. He decided it would be okay to stumble out in his boxers. My eyes are still bleeding from this hideous sight.

Each day, we slowly watched half our pantry be destroyed, then the coat closet, then J-Bird’s clothing closet. Chunks of wood & dust flew everywhere. The house sounded as if it were going to cave in at any given moment. I think I became friends with a Mexican construction worker & one of the guys caulking my fireplace with 4 kids.

After everything was mopped & vaccummed said & done I’m super happy the house is one temperature. Ah, modern technology. I also almost miss my new friends, but I’ll do a post about how hard it is for me to make friends tomorrow. Stay tuned.



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