If its written in gold, there goes your dignity.

While on my morning commute to work (yea I’m totally one of those people), I was behind a hearse. Yea, like the car that carries dead people. How creepy is that?! Whatever, I thought so. I could see the top of the coffin peeking over the window out the back of the car at me. The window had “dignity” written in an ugly serif typeface in gold. Yea, that poor person in the coffin just lost all theirs. Aren’t there supposed to be curtains on those windows? WHERE THE HELL WERE THE CURTAINS? So, even worse than being physically behind the hearse was the song that was playing:

“Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away?” Just great. Is this some kind of a joke or bad omen or something? Well, Jesus, Karma, Zeus, Mel Gibson, whoever is in charge of this shindig, please don’t take me away. I thought that all of this meant I was going to have a crap day at work, but it went ok.

I mean, what could have really gone wrong when I was wearing my pink feather earrings & sparkly blazer??



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