If only I were that easy. I mean it, if only it were that easy.

Ever since I graduated from college almost 2 years ago, I’ve progressively gotten more poor, thus becoming more frugal & less of a shopper. I’m always looking for a great deal, as both J-bird & I only work part time jobs & well we’re on the verge of poverty. Neither of us made that step that you’re supposed to make into adulthood where you find the job that you spent like 6 years in school for & make like a million dollars a year. Or, at the very least $30,000. We don’t ask for much, eh? Anyway, we still love window shopping, & one of our favorite places to go is TJMaxx. The unique shit, cheap prices…it just draws us RIGHT IN every time.

The other night, as we were browsing around, I saw a set of lamps that we didn’t need but I really wanted. J-bird immediately asked the price. Its only $40 for the set! I said, excited, thinking it was a good deal. When he looked at me like I had three heads I said, Do you think I could haggle the price down?

His response? If you flash the cashier, I’m leaving you.

It pains me how well he knows me sometimes.



4 thoughts on “If only I were that easy. I mean it, if only it were that easy.

  1. I don’t think anyone gets out of college and gets their dream job. Don’t think you’re alone in that. What you should feel alone in is that you didn’t flash for a discount. I would do that in a second. They’d probably give it to me for free just out of fear of what I might do next. Their problem. Not mine.

    1. Man, & all this time I thought everyone else had their dream job 2 weeks after graduating & NEVER had to flash for discounts. Ah, that’s me, being totally clueless as usual.

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