Grandma wouldn’t have approved of that.

As I was sweeping the stairs yesterday, I got to thinking about the very first time I got to explore the big old house I live in. It was a rather dark day several years ago, back when J-bird & I were still in college. We had gotten word earlier that week that his grandmother had passed away. So, we made the trek across part of the state for the funeral & upon arriving fashionably late to the church, we were asked to head over to the house to help clean it out afterward.

I had no idea that if we’d have flash forwarded a few years later I’d be living in that very same house, freezing my ass off every night with no heat & stuggling to survive with a roommate, but nonetheless, back to the real story. The thing is, J-bird has a normal family. I mean, I’m always the one with the crazy family drama going on…not him, but he has a crazy uncle. Yep, sure does. This is the story of my very first encounter with his crazy uncle. As I’m helping clean out the house, J-bird’s crazy uncle stops me on the stairs as no one else is around & askes a fairly normal question, Do you smoke? Naturally, I assumed he meant cigarettes, so I shook my head to which he replied, But I have the good stuff, are you sure?

It was at that moment I realized exactly WHAT he was talking about. I ran down the stairs, out of the house & grabbed J-bird to tell him it was time to leave. He didn’t understand until the ride home. I mean, really? I’m the one with abnormal family, but his uncle goes around asking people to get high after grandma’s funeral…IN HER OLD HOUSE. Terrific.

Ah, in-laws.



2 thoughts on “Grandma wouldn’t have approved of that.

  1. Haha!
    Yup gotta love those in-laws.
    Mine are stark raving loonies to be honest. But I mostly keep that under wraps. haha!

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