Either could burn you.

I work as a secretary in a dress shop, thus, I answer a lot of phone calls. Meaning, I talk to all the crazies. People complain to me, yell at me, cry to me, laugh with me & occasionally laugh at me. So, I’m basically a therapist without the degree. Or the salary.

The other day, this girl calls to set up an appointment with us, which is perfectly normal & so was the conversation, up until the last few seconds when she suddenly said Do you have a tanning salon in your shopping center? to which I cheerfully replied, No, but we have a Chili’s! To my surprise she said, That’ll work too! Thanks! & hung up.

I’m not really AGAINST tanning per say, I just don’t actively promote it. Especially to someone who sounded like she was already orange. In the middle of winter. She also sounded like she needed a good dessert shooter from Chili’s.



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