Television. Not what it used to be.

As you probably figured out in my first post, I really like stupid TV. For instance, Teen Mom 2? Totally addicting. I mean, what the heck? I don’t even like kids. But, somehow, I can’t stop watching those girls screw up more & more. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever seen that show 1000 Ways to Die, but it trips me out every single time. I go to bed wondering how I’m going to die that night. Right now, I’m watching Dance Moms & this shit is crazy! Much like Toddlers & Tiaras, its basically parents pressuring their children to do random crap they don’t want to do. There. Now you don’t even have to watch. You’re welcome.

Also, any crime show on TruTV. My husband, J-bird, hates those shows. All of them. He’s not your typical guy, though. You won’t find him yelling at sports, but instead, taking notes from HGTV on how to improve the design of the house. Or on the Food Network trying to find a new recipe.

So, what are your favorite TV shows that are ridiculous? Let me know!



9 thoughts on “Television. Not what it used to be.

  1. Our favourite was True Beauty. There was just something so satisfying seeing all those “beautiful people” taken down a peg. And by the sweeter-than-sugar Vanessa Minillo to boot. Nice blog!

    1. I had totally forgotten about that show!! But yes, that was a pretty crazy/good show!! Leave it to Ashton Kutcher to produce a show like that.

      And thanks! I’m just starting out (obvs) but stay tuned!

  2. I’m still trying to figure out why people are addicted to Jersey Shore. Even more so, why they admit it. I’ve seen maybe five minutes of it at a time; it’s all I can handle in one sitting. We are such bizarre society of television viewers. :-*

    1. Alright, I KNEW someone was gonna bring up good ‘ole Jersey Shore. Even I *Queen of Stupid TV Shows* have to admit that that one is too dumb for me. I really really hate that show. I think its all the fake tanning. I just can’t deal.

  3. I am addicted to America’s Best Dance Crew. I love everything about it. Mario Lopez’s cheesy hosting, JC Chasez as the “serious” judge, and all of Lil Mama’s ridiculous outfits. Especially the purple leather dinosaur-print ensemble. Wtf, amazing.

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